Department of Agriculture

Agriculture Building Room 206
T: 512.245.2130 F: 512.245.3320

The Department of Agriculture at Texas State prepares students to work as leaders and technical professionals in the agriculture industry, specifically in the fields of animal science, agribusiness management/agricultural economics, agricultural education, agricultural systems (mechanics), crop and soil science, and horticulture.  For those students who aim to be agricultural teachers in public schools or community colleges, the department also offers an emphasis on teaching development with research possibilities.  The Department of Agriculture hosts laboratories where the research focus of faculty and students includes aquaponics, hydroponic production, horticultural therapy, meat quality, animal nutrition, big data analysis, and issues of importance to small and beginning farmers and ranchers, among others.  The department is located near the Freeman Center, a 3,500-acre, university-operated teaching and research ranch that provides a unique learning environment.  Agricultural education has a long history at this university.  When Southwest Texas State Normal School (now Texas State University) was created in 1899, it was charged with the responsibility of teaching agriculture to educators who were training to work in rural schools.  Today, agricultural education students, along with those focusing on animal science, agribusiness/agricultural economics, agricultural systems, horticulture, or crop science, enjoy an education experience with practical, hands-on classes, in addition to opportunities to engage in applied research.

Angirasa, Aditi K, Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Benavides, Elizabeth Ashley, Assistant Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., Univ of Missouri-Columbia

Cade, Tina Marie, Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Dey, Madan Mohan, Chair - Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., University of the Philippines

Mix, Kenneth D, Associate Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., Texas State University

Morrish, Douglas G, Associate Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Richardson, Carl R, Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Wagner, Nicole Catherine, Senior Lecturer, Agriculture, Ph.D., Montana State University

Wakefield, Dexter Bernard, Assistant Professor, Agriculture, Ph.D., Purdue University Main Campus