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BIO 1421. Modern Biology II, Organisms, Evolution, and Environment.

This course provides the nonscience major the strong and diverse background necessary to understand the structural and functional diversity of organisms, evolution and behavior, and interactions among organisms and their environment. Topics include issues such as the genetic basis of behavior, overpopulation and extinction, ozone depletion, and conservation biology. This course is not recommended for majors in the natural sciences, including biology

4 Credit Hours. 3 Lecture Contact Hours. 3 Lab Contact Hours.
Course Attribute(s): Life & Phys Sciences Core 030|Lab Required
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

Texas Common Course Numbering

...1409 * BIO 1421 BIOL 2404 BIO 2430 BIOL 2416 BIO 2450 BIOL 2401 BIO 2451...

Department of Biology

...department include: BIO , GS Courses in Biology (BIO) BIO 1320 and BIO 1421 may be...