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GEO 1305. Meteorology.

An introduction to atmospheric science providing information on the properties of the atmosphere, the scientific principles that govern weather and climate, and interactions between the atmosphere and the other components of the Earth system

3 Credit Hours. 3 Lecture Contact Hours. 0 Lab Contact Hours.
Course Attribute(s): Life & Phys Sciences Core 030
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

Texas Common Course Numbering

...1302 GEO 1309 GEOG 1303 * GEO 1310 GEOL 1147 GEO 1105 GEOL 1347 * GEO 1305...

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Major in Psychology

...above), geology, PHIL 2330 (only), or GEO 1305 or GEO 2410 (only). Group A - Human...