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MU 2263. Music Theory IV.

The analysis and model composition of music from the 20th- and 21st-centuries. Topics include, but are not limited to, impressionism, polytonality, parallelism, quartal/quintal harmonies, secundal harmonies, polyrhythms, octatonicism, minimalism, modes, serialism, and set theory. Prerequisite: MU 2260, MU 2261 with a grade of "C" or higher. Corequisite: MU 2262

2 Credit Hours. 3 Lecture Contact Hours. 0 Lab Contact Hours.
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

Texas Common Course Numbering

...1307 MU 2303 MUSI 2160 MU 2141 MUSI 2211 MU 2261 MUSI 2212 MU 2263...