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TECH 2370. Electricity/Electronics Fundamentals.

Fundamentals of safety, Ohm’s Law, series, parallel, and seriesparallel circuits, meters, relays, and basic transistor circuits. 3310 Industrial Design. (3-0) The fundamentals, elements, and principles of design applied in creative ways to industrial design problems emphasizing function, form, and aesthetics. Ergonomics, product life cycles, environmental concerns, and use of elementary statics for stress analysis. (WI)

3 Credit Hours. 2 Lecture Contact Hours. 2 Lab Contact Hours.
Course Attribute(s): Lab Required|Writing Intensive
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

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...2330 ENGL 2333 * ENG 2340 ENGR 2305 TECH 2370 FREN 1411 FR 1410 FREN 1412...