Testing, Research-Support and Evaluation Center (TREC)

Commons Hall Ground Floor
T: 512.245.2276 F: 512.245.2903

The Testing, Research Support & Evaluation Center (TREC) includes a testing center offering a variety of academic tests, including:

  1. TSI Assessment
  2. THEA IBT (internet-based)
  3. TEAS V (pre-nursing assessment)
  4. Punctuation, Usage and Grammar (PUG)
  5. CLEP
  6. Departmental Examinations-for-Credit
  7. Course exams for Texas State correspondence courses
  8. Proctored exams for other institutions
  9. DSST exams

Note: Texas State University does not generally accept DSST exams for credit (with the possible exception of the Applied Arts and Sciences program in the Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies.)


Credit may be earned by achieving a sufficient score (as determined by the relevant academic department of Texas State University) on any of several exams and submitting official score reports to the Testing, Research Support, and Evaluation Center (TREC), or by submitting a transcript from another college or university to Undergraduate Admissions documenting credits awarded there through examination.

Sufficient scores on the following examinations may be applied for credit:

  1. College Level Examination Program (CLEP),
  2. College Board Advanced Placement Examination Program (AP),
  3. International Baccalaureate Program (IB), and
  4. certain established departmental examinations (administered by TREC or by the relevant academic department)

Credit established in this manner through TREC will be recorded as “credit only” (CR) on the transcript and will not affect the GPA, except that Texas State University recognizes superior scores for CLEP exams in French, German, and Spanish language by awarding letter grades of A or B according to the Credit & Grade Awarding Table ( http://gato-docs.its.txstate.edu/jcr:66a642e2-d487-41c4-b3d2-c798d1c004bd/ltrgrds.clep.modlang.pdf). Letter grades for the French, German, and Spanish language CLEP exams are optional, and may be recorded as CR at the student’s request.

Evidence of credit by any examination must be evaluated by TREC before it can be entered on a transcript. More detailed materials on this and other TREC programs are available at the TREC website, www.txstate.edu/trec/.

Credit earned by exam satisfies degree requirements in the same way as credit earned by passing courses does except that it does not count as credit earned in residence

Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities

Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities (ATSD) is the office within TREC that provides academic testing services (course exams and quizzes) for students who are currently registered with and approved by the Office of Disability Services (ODS) to receive accommodations when testing. Some examples of testing accommodations provided by ATSD include extended time, reduced distraction  environment, use of a computer, and use of a reader and/or scribe.

Note that before a student can sign up to take a test at ATSD, the need for testing accommodations must be approved by ODS, and only those accommodations designated by ODS will be provided. ATSD works closely with ODS and the other parts of TREC to provide the most secure, up-to-date, and reduced-distraction testing environment possible to all students registered with ODS.