Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Major in Interdisciplinary Science (Teacher Certification in Science, Grades 7-12)

Minimum required: 132 semester hours

General Requirements

  1. A minimum of 9 writing intensive hours and a total of 36 advanced hours are required to graduate.
  2. If two years of the same foreign language were taken in high school, then no additional language hours will be required for the degree. In the absence of such high school language, two semesters of the same modern language must be taken at the college level.
  3. An overall GPA of at least 2.75 or higher to graduate.
  4. A GPA of at least 2.75 in all assigned courses in the professional sequence with no grade below a “C”.
  5. A GPA of at least a 2.75 in all science courses with no grade below a “C”.
  6. A minor in secondary education is required.
  7. All students pursuing teacher certification must apply and be accepted to the Office of Educator Preparation.

Course Requirements 

First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHoursSummerHours
BIO 1330
BIO 1130
4BIO 1331
BIO 1131
4BIO 24504
CHEM 1341
CHEM 1141
4CHEM 1342
CHEM 1142
MATH 24714PHYS 14304 
 MATH 24724 
 12 16 4
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHoursSummerHours
PHYS 24254PHYS 24354Summer I: 
CHEM 2330
CHEM 2130
4BIO 2410 or 24114ENG 13103
COMM 13103CHEM 34104HIST 13103
POSI 23103English Literature3Summer II: 
  ENG 13203
  HIST 13203
 14 15 12
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHoursSummerHours
BIO 44024BIO 44034Summer I: 
PHYS 33123BIO 43013POSI 23203
CI 33253BIO 44164PHIL 1305 or 13203
Social and Behavioral Sciences3CI 43323Summer II: 
PHYS 32102 Select one of the following:3
 15 14 9
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours 
CHEM 42952EDST 46816 
BIO 440814  
Field Based Block:9  
 15 6
Total Hours: 132

BIO 4408 must be taken in the semester just prior to student teaching.