Texas Certified Public Manager Program

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Texas State has been officially designated by the National Consortium of Certified Public Managers (CPM) to offer the CPM Program. The CPM Program offers a systematic training program to enhance the quality and efficiency of management in government and to improve professionalism and effectiveness of government managers. Individuals may enroll at any time during the year; programs are held approximately every two to three months depending on location. Admission to Texas State is not required. Courses may be completed for academic credit.

The CPM Program is a nationally accredited comprehensive statewide management development program specifically for managers in federal, state, and local government and for managers in the not-for-profit-sector. The program’s primary goal is to improve the performance of public and not-for-profit sector managers and the organizational performance of state, local, and federal government. The program is a comprehensive course of study by which public managers can acquire and apply the best practices and theory to their management behaviors and strategies using prescribed sets of professional standards. The curriculum uses theory as the foundation and applies it to practical problems facing the participant's agency/department, and the citizens. Those who complete the program earn a national trademark designation of CPM (Certified Public Manager®).

The Texas CPM Program, a 7-course sequence which leads to a nationally accredited public manager certification, is offered by Texas State University's William P. Hobby Center for Public Service.