Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship requires 18 semester credit hours.

Required Courses
IEM 2310Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship3
IEM 4390Innovation & Entrepreneurship Capstone3
Leadership Domain
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Interpersonal Communication
Small Group Communication
Diversity and Inclusion Training
Leadership and Communication
Leadership and Professional Development
Introduction to Leadership
Conservation Leadership
Administration of Human Service Organizations
Design Thinking and the Art of Product Development
Idea Lab: Redesigning the Campus Experience
Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Teams: Best Practices
Extraordinary Leadership: Ownership and Influence
Entrepreneurship Studies
Business Ethics
Effective Leadership
Leadership Development: Business as Unusual
Business Creativity and Innovation
Organizational Change & Decision-Making
Transformative Leadership for Nonprofits (NPs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Effective Teams and Groups
Public Health Leadership
Professional Ethics
I&E In Context Domain
Choose 3-4 hours from the following:3-4
Social Impact: Anthropology of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Business
Conceptual Strategies
Design for Experiences
Independent Study in Global Business
Web Design and Development
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Diversity and Communication
Residential II: Construction Business Practices
Creative Thinking
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Entrepreneurship in Schools, Communities, and the Workplace
Principles of Economics
Engineering Economic Analysis
Aesthetics and Branding
Fashion Social Media
Fashion Product Development
Business Geography
History Behind the Headlines: Current Debates in a Historical Perspective
Topics in Industrial Britain
Makerspaces: Intersections of Art and Everything
The Aesthetics of Failure
The Creative Spark: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Creativity
Improvisation & Interdisciplinary Play
Lean Six Sigma Methodologies
Small Business Operations and Financials
Issues in Family Business
Operations Management
Quality Management and Beyond
Independent Study in Management
Entrepreneurial Marketing
Marketing Research
Philosophy of Technology
Philosophy and Ethics of Virtual Reality
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Advanced Physics Laboratory
Recreation Facilities Operations and Maintenance
Technology and Society
Principles of Lean Systems
Design for Environment
Senior Design I
Senior Design II
P&P 101: Entrepreneurial Theatre-Making
I&E In Action Domain
Choose 3-4 hours from the following:3-4
Locally Engaged Research
Enterprise Information Technology and Business Intelligence
Professional Skills for the Global Workplace
Communication and Technology
Introduction to Finance Analytics
Enterprise Development
Project Management for Health Information Management
Entrepreneurial Design: Utilizing Design Thinking to Create Disruptive Companies
Exhibition Design & Curatorial Practices
Design Across Cultures
Honors Capstone
Digital Media Innovation Capstone
Strategic Professionalism
Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media
Business Plan Development
Applied Entrepreneurship
Integrative Field Project
Studies in Free Enterprises
Applied Electronics
Innovative Community Engagement with Vulnerable Populations
Choose 3 hours from the courses listed above. 13
Total Hours18-20

Students may choose 3 hours from the courses listed above to satisfy the minor requirements if it has not already been taken.

A maximum of 6 credit hours of courses used to satisfy a student’s major requirements may be counted towards the I&E minor.