Residency for Tuition

In accordance with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Rules and pursuant to Texas Education Code, a student's status as a resident, nonresident, or international (foreign) student for tuition purposes will be determined by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions prior to enrollment. Undergraduate and Graduate students must be prepared to pay tuition and other required fees by specified due dates. Information about the Coordinating Board's rules on residency is published on the THECB website.

Rules for Texas residency classification for tuition are different from residency rules for voting, obtaining a Texas driver's license, or tax purposes. An individual’s residency classification is initially determined by the information provided by the student on their admission application. The student is responsible for ensuring that their residency information is accurate and any corrections are made to their classification before the census date (normally the 12th day of classes for the spring and fall semesters or the 4th day for summer terms). 

A member of the Armed Forces who is classified as a non-resident may be eligible for the non-resident portion of their tuition to be waived or exempted. Additionally, there are other categories of students who are classified as non-residents who may be eligible for tuition and fee exemptions or waivers. For more information, visits the Office of Undergraduate Admissions Residency webpage. To view a list of exemptions and waivers visit the Student Business Services website.