Veteran Admission and Military Credit

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives then reviews the academic course work of students who earned post-secondary credit while serving in the US Armed Forces. Post-secondary credit is defined as credit earned by means of successful completion of a college-level, academic course at a regionally accredited college or university. In compliance with Texas Education Code 51.3042, eligible former members of the military who are admitted or readmitted as an undergraduate will be awarded two hours of "course credit for all physical education courses required by the institution for any undergraduate degree," and an additional 12 hours of “military science” credit, which may be applied to satisfy any elective requirement.

The two hours of physical education credit will be awarded by Undergraduate Admissions upon receipt of Form DD-214 as long as the following can be verified: two years of active military duty; the student graduated from an accredited high school or equivalent; and the student is an honorably discharged member of the military who completed at least two years of service or was discharged because of a disability. The student must also submit an official high school transcript. 

Students are also required to submit the following transcripts and upon receipt will be credited with 12 hours of military science:

  1. JST (Joint Services Transcript): Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy
  2. CCAF Transcript (Community College of the Air Force)

Other military coursework may be considered for transfer credit. Texas State utilizes the American Council on Education's Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services to assess potential transferability of military occupational specialties. Careful consideration should be given to the impact of the additional course credit on degree progress and other institutional rules. Credits may be granted for lower- and upper-division course work only, not for graduate-level work. Transfer credit is subject to approval by the student’s major department/school. For information on how and when to apply for admission, please visit Veterans Admission.