Minor in Religious Studies

The minor in Religious Studies requires 18 semester credit hours, including the following requirements:

  1. Either REL 1300 or REL 4300 are required of all minors.
  2. At least 9 hours of coursework in the minor must be in REL courses.  HON courses taught by regular Religious Studies faculty members may be counted toward this requirement.
  3. At least 12 hours of all courses toward the minor must be advanced (3000- or 4000-level).
Required Course:
REL 1300World Religions3
or REL 4300 Advanced Methods in Religious Studies
Electives 15
Choose 15 hours from the following:
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Introduction to the New Testament
Founders, Prophets and Saints
Mediterranean and European Religions
Asian Religious Traditions
Religious Controversy in America
Cults and New Religious Movements
Religion, Literature, and the Arts
The Homeric Epic: The Illiad and the Odyssey
Topics in Comparative Religions
Religion and Film
Philosophical Issues in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Mythology and Cosmology
The Philosophical and Spiritual Heritage of India
An Introduction to Chinese Religions
Yoga: Principles and Practice
Issues in Religion
Italy and Arts of the Islamic World
Nature of Society: The Problem of Evil
The Meaning of Death
Mythology, Science and Creation
Demonology, Possession, and Exorcism
The Anthropology of Religion and Fundamentalism
Magic, Ritual and Religion
Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Myths and Moundbuilders
The Incas
Rise of Civilization
Ancient to Medieval Art
Renaissance to Modern Art
Studies in Mythology
Renaissance and Reformation
American Religious History
Origins of Christianity
Islamic History to 1798
Mahatma Gandhi and Nonviolence
Science and Religion
Reason, God, and Nature
Asian Philosophy
Problems in Philosophy
Religion and American Public Life
Islamic Law and Politics
The Holocaust
Total Hours18