Minor in Chinese

The minor in Chinese requires 26 semester credit hours, including 12 upper-division hours in the language. The first two years of beginning- and intermediate-level coursework serve as prerequisites to all upper-division courses. These prerequisites include CHI 1410, CHI 1420, CHI 2310, and CHI 2320. For most students, the first two years of beginning (1410 and 1420) and intermediate level (2310 and 2320) courses serve as prerequisites to all upper division courses.  However, if a student can successfully complete the three-hour 2320 course or receive credit through testing, the other prerequisite courses may be waived in the minor requirement.

Required Courses
CHI 1410Beginning Chinese I4
CHI 1420Beginning Chinese II4
CHI 2310Intermediate Chinese I3
CHI 2320Intermediate Chinese II3
Choose 12 hours from the following:12
Conversational Chinese
Chinese for Business
Chinese for Media
Studies in Chinese Language and Culture
Total Hours26