Correspondence Self-Paced Studies

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When family, jobs, business travel, and other commitments compete for time, and students find it is difficult to schedule traditional classes, correspondence self-paced study offers a solution. Courses are offered through various disciplines such as art, humanities, health-related fields, mathematics, psychology, modern languages, and sociology. A complete list of currently available courses may be found on the Correspondence Self-Paced Studies website. Students may enroll in courses at any time of the year and take up to six or nine months to complete them, depending on the courses. All courses are offered online and require an email account and online access to complete assignments.

How Correspondence Self-Paced Study Works

Each course gives students step-by-step instructions for completing the required course material and includes study tips, topic discussions, assignments, and other pertinent course information. While guides and support are available both within the course and through additional Texas State resources, students are responsible for managing their own progress through the course. The instructor provides feedback on assignments and answers student questions. Most courses have outline proctored examinations, and many have two or more examinations. 

General Regulations

The following regulations govern correspondence self-paced study at Texas State:

  • Students do not have to be currently enrolled or admitted to a college or university to take a correspondence self-paced course.
  • Enrollment in a correspondence self-paced course does not constitute official admission to Texas State.
  • Texas residents or persons attending public colleges or universities in Texas are subject to compliance with Texas Success Initiative Program (TSIP) regulations.
  • Before accepting correspondence self-paced course enrollments from students residing outside of Texas who are not planning on relocating to Texas, Texas State must follow the distance learning regulations of the states in which students reside. Students may visit the State Authorization page to determine whether Texas State may accept student enrollments from particular states.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all prerequisite requirements have been met. Prerequisite requirements for all courses are listed in the course information on the Correspondence Self-Paced Studies website. 
  • Texas State correspondence self-paced courses are applicable toward Texas State degrees. A maximum of 18 hours of correspondence credit may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree.
  • All assignments and exams must be completed to receive credit. The grading criteria for each course are stated on the course site.
  • Correspondence course grades are calculated into students’ Texas State GPA's and included in the review for graduation with honors. Hours and grades earned through Texas State correspondence courses are not counted in the hours required to be eligible for Dean's List nor in the GPA calculation for Dean's List.
  • A minimum of ten business days must be allowed after a course has been completed for a grade to be reported on a Texas State transcript.
  • Students on active suspension from Texas State are not eligible to enroll in correspondence self-paced courses.
  • If enrollment in correspondence self-paced courses creates an academic overload, students must have prior, written approval of their college dean or department chair/school director.
  • Correspondence self-paced courses completed through Texas State are applicable toward residency requirements.