Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Major in Studio Art (Teacher Certification in Art, Grades EC-12)

Minimum required: 121 semester hours

General Requirements

  1. Certification in art is All Level (K-12)
  2. All Core Curriculum and Teacher Certification requirements must be met.
  3. Majors must complete 60 hours in Art and 18 hours in Education.
  4. Majors must complete a minimum of 36 advanced hours.
  5. A minimum overall GPA of 2.75, a minimum major GPA of 2.5 and minimum GPA of 2.5 in all Teacher Certification courses is required.
  6. Majors must complete all required courses in the major and the Teacher Certification area with a minimum grade of "C".
  7. Majors must apply to and be admitted to the Educator Preparation Program, through the Office of Educator Preparation, before making application to the Professional Block for Education Certification.
  8. Majors must apply for the Professional Block for Education Certification and for Student Teaching the semester prior to taking the classes in these areas.
  9. Majors must complete the Student Teacher Roundup requirements before applying for Student Teaching.
  10. Majors must complete all required coursework in the degree plan prior to Student Teaching (EDST).
  11. Studio art electives are to be selected as follows:
    Three courses in 2D Studio Art from:9
    Expanded Media I
    Drawing I
    Painting I
    Foundations of Photography I
    Printmaking I
    Watercolor I
    Experimental Water Media
    Introduction to Communication Design
    Imaging I
    Three courses in 3D Studio Art from:9
    Expanded Media I
    Ceramics I
    Fibers I
    Soft Sculpture
    Metals I
    Sculpture I
    2 upper level 2D ARTS, 3D ARTS or ARTT electives6

Course Requirements

ARTF 13013
ARTF 13023
ARTF 13033
ARTT 23713
ARTT 23723
MATH 13153
ENG 13103
PHIL 1305 or 13203
Creative Arts Core Component. Choose one from:3
US 11001
ARTH 23013
ARTH 23023
ARTT 33723
ARTT 33733
Choose 6 hours from:6
COMM 13103
Life and Physical Sciences6
ENG 13203
ARTH 33013
ARTT 43753
ARTT 43773
CI 33253
HIST 13103
HIST 13203
POSI 23103
POSI 23203
ARTS or ARTT Advanced Elective1,26
Social and Behavioral Sciences23
English Literature3
ARTS 40000
CI 43433
CI 43703
RDG 33233
EDST 438033
EDST 438133
Total Hours: 121

 Select two advanced (3000 or 4000 level) courses in ARTS 2D, ARTS 3D, or ARTT electives.


 To meet all degree requirements in 4 years a 9-12 hour summer session is recommended prior to Senior Year.


 Only the Student Teaching EDST 4380 and EDST 4381 courses can be taken in the second semester of the Senior Year.