Graduate Minors

Minor hours required are in addition to the hours required for the student's chosen major. If you select a minor that has more hours than your degree plan requires, your total degree hours will increase by the number of excess hours in the minor. If you select a minor with fewer hours your degree plan requires, you must still meet the minimum hours required toward the degree. To change your minor please complete the change of minor/concentration form

Click the name of the minor to find the course requirements and other requirements that may apply such as admission, GPA, etc.

Minor Hours Required
Adult Education 9
Anthropology 9
Aquatic Resources 6
Biochemistry 9
Biology 15
Chemistry 6
Communication Studies 12
Computer Science 6-9
Creativity Studies in Education 6-12
Criminal Justice 9
Developmental Education 9
Diversity Studies 9
Educational Leadership 12
Elementary Education 12
Elementary Education Bilingual/Bicultural 9
Exercise Science 12
Geography 9
Gifted and Talented Education 6
Healthcare Administration 15
History 12
Industrial Technology 15
Legal Studies 9-12
Literature 6
Materials Physics 9
Mathematics 15
Methods and Materials 6-15
Music 12
Music Education 12
Philosophy 6
Political Science 9
Psychology 12
Public Health Education and Promotion 9
Reading Education 12
Recreation and Leisure Services 12
Secondary Education 15
Sociology 9
Software Engineering 6-9
Spanish 6
Special Education 15
Theatre 6
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 9-15