College of Science and Engineering

Barrett Bryant, Ph.D.
Centennial Hall Room 201
Telephone: 512.245.2119  Fax: 512.245.8095

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Chad Booth, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research
Paula Williamson, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Outcomes and Assessment

Gregory B. Passty, Ph.D.

Department Chairs/School Directors
Agricultural Sciences–Madan M. Dey, Ph.D.
Biology–Dittmar Hahn, Ph.D.
Chemistry and Biochemistry–William J. Brittain, Ph.D.
Computer Science–Hongchi Shi, Ph.D.
Ingram School of Engineering–Jesus Jimenez, Ph.D.
Engineering Technology–James Wilde, Ph.D.
Mathematics–Susan Morey, Ph.D.
Edwin Piner, Ph.D.