Admission Information

Admission Requirements

The requirements set forth on each individual program page (detailed both in the Graduate Catalog and on The Graduate College website) are the minimum standards for admission to enter a graduate program at Texas State. Some programs also recommend that applicants arrange a personal interview with the appropriate graduate faculty. Meeting the stated requirements does not necessarily ensure acceptance into a graduate program.

Applicants who are currently on probation or suspension at other colleges or universities are not eligible for admission consideration by The Graduate College. The dean of The Graduate College may refuse admission to any applicant, regardless of whether or not the applicant meets the admission requirements, if the dean of The Graduate College judges that such action is in the individual's or the University's best interest. The University reserves the right to deny admission to any prospective or former student who has a criminal record including any conviction of a felony, offenses involving moral turpitude, or other offenses of a serious nature.

Start Term

Applications are for specific terms. Applicants wishing to change their application to a future term or apply to another program will be required to submit a new application and pay the application fee.


The Graduate College will email applicants important information pertaining to their admissions application and application decision; therefore, it is imperative that applicants provide a working email address on their application that will remain active throughout the entire application process. It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm that they are receiving emails from The Graduate College, to check their email accounts often, and to read all communication sent from admissions.

Decision Process

Applicants are encouraged to check the status of their application online in order to expedite the process of completing the application. After all admission requirements have been received, the grade point average will be calculated and the departmental graduate admission committee will make an admission recommendation. Final admission decisions are made by the dean of The Graduate College, and The Graduate College will notify the applicant of the admission decision. Applicants will receive an email notification when admitted to a program. Students who have been admitted into a degree program and do not enroll for the term of acceptance are not guaranteed acceptance for future terms.

Decision Timeline

Admission decisions for programs admitting on a "rolling" basis will follow within 4-6 weeks from the time all application materials have been received. If the program has a firm deadline, the admissions committee may wait until after the program deadline has passed to review eligible applications. The number of applicants for a particular program influences the response time.

Admissions Appeal

Applicants may submit an admission appeal to the dean of The Graduate College for a denial decision within three weeks of the date of the decision. An admission decision appeal form for the graduate dean is available on The Graduate College's website. The written appeal should include additional supporting documentation. Admission appeals will be answered via email within three weeks of receipt of the applicant's appeal.