Ingram School of Engineering

Ingram Hall IGRM 2203
Telephone: 512-245-1826 Fax: 512-245-7771


To provide students with an exceptional education in various disciplines of engineering,

To establish, through dedication faculty, a nationally recognized research program, preparing interested students to achieve excellence in graduate studies and research, and

To serve the State of Texas and the nation by creating highly skilled, diverse, and motivated professionals capable of technological innovation and dedicated to the improvement of society.


The Ingram School of Engineering will be a nationally recognized institution of higher education, serving students and employers with a complete set of accredited engineering programs supported by a faculty which maintains high standards of teaching, research, and service. To accomplish this vision, we will:

  • Engage undergraduate and graduate students with innovative, multidisciplinary, and nationally recognized funded research programs.
  • Emphasize quality undergraduate and graduate education using a practical, interactive, and contemporary learning environment.
  • Produce first-generation professional college graduates as part of an HSI-designated university; be recognized for exceptional community service; and create tight bonds with alumni who will serve as professional mentors, sponsors, and advisors.  
  • Promote a student-centered culture based on collegiality, scholarship, enthusiasm, integrity, and mutual respect among diverse faculty, staff, and students.

Financial Assistance

Graduate Instructional and Research Assistantships

A limited number of paid graduate assistantships are available. Research assistants work with faculty on research and other special projects. Instructional assistants work with undergraduates in grading and in laboratory settings. Contact the program’s graduate advisor for details and application instructions.

Graduate College Scholarships and Fellowships

For more information about scholarships, fellowships, financial aid and application deadlines, visit The Graduate College website at and click on the Funding tab.

Arowojolu, Olaniyi S, Lecturer, Engineering, Ph.D., University of Idaho

Chaudhary, Vikas, Lecturer, Engineering, Ph.D., Arizona State University