Department of Mathematics

Math/Computer Science Building Room 470
T: 512.245.2551 F: 512.245.3425

The Department of Mathematics provides an environment at the forefront of research that produces highly qualified mathematics and mathematics education graduates who further Texas’s status as a mathematics, science, and technology leader. We offer a rich mathematical experience students develop critical thinking skills, communicate mathematical concepts effectively, and grow as lifelong learners. We maintain a nationally recognized community of faculty and students in mathematics, mathematics education, and related disciplines.


The Department of Mathematics offers an MS in Mathematics with optional concentrations in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, an M.Ed. in Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. The programs are designed to prepare students to apply mathematics or statistics to solve real-world problems, teach mathematics at the K–12, community college, or college level, enter doctoral programs, or conduct research in mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education.  


The faculty has specialists in algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, bifurcation theory, bioinformatics, combinatorics, differential equations, differential geometry, graph theory, logic, mathematics education, non-linear functional analysis, model theory, number theory, operator theory, quadratic forms, statistics, and algebraic and geometric topology. The faculty oversees an extensive library collection of journals and reference works, with current journals accessible online and in the library.

Financial Assistance

Mathematics graduate students are encouraged to work as assistant instructors. The stipends for these assistantships are comparable to national norms and generally require teaching two courses per term. Write to the Graduate Program Coordinator at to obtain more information. The Graduate College can provide information on the availability of graduate scholarships. There are also stipends available for Research Assistantships through faculty research grants. Additional summer support is available as Instructional Assistants or Research Assistants. Contact the department for more information.

Chase, Timothy M, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, Ph.D., Auburn University

Gronberg, Sharon M, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin