College of Health Professions

Ruth B. Welborn, Ph.D.
Encino Hall Room 201
Telephone: 512-245-3300  Fax 512-245-3791

Associate Dean
Matthew S. Brooks, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Marla A. Erbin-Roesemann, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research
Rodney E. Rohde, Ph.D.

Department Chairs/Program Chairs/School Directors
Clinical Laboratory Science–Rodney E. Rohde, Ph.D.
Communication Disorders–Valarie B. Fleming, Ph.D.
Health Administration–Matthew S. Brooks, Ph.D.
Health Information Management–Alexander McLeod, Ph.D.
Nursing–Marla A. Erbin-Roesemann, Ph.D.
Physical Therapy–Barbara L. Sanders, Ph.D.
Radiation Therapy–Ronnie G. Lozano, Ph.D.
Respiratory Care–S. Gregg Marshall, Ph.D.

The College of Health Professions prepares students for careers in the healthcare field. Through its professional, technical, clinical and academic programs, the college serves as an advocate for change and technical improvement in the field. The college also serves as a catalyst to expand and improve public perceptions of healthcare.

Undergraduate programs are available in clinical laboratory science, communication disorders, healthcare administration, health information management, health sciences, nursing, radiation therapy, and respiratory care. Graduate programs are offered in communication disorders, healthcare administration, health information management, nursing, and physical therapy. The college has a number of cooperating teaching sites and more than 1200 affiliations with hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

All programs offered in the College of Health Professions, except the BSHS, have specific admission requirements in addition to Texas State admission requirements. Most programs also have requirements for student liability insurance and immunizations. Background checks and drug testing may be required.

Academic Advising Center

Encino Hall, Room 302
T: 512.245.3506 F: 512.245.1615

In the College of Health Professions Undergraduate Academic Advising Center, we are student-centered, supportive, and welcoming to all. We strive to empower students to be successful in their academic and life goals.

We pledge to be accurate, encouraging, sincere, realistic, approachable, and non-judgmental in our interactions to provide guidance and direction to the University community, including students, faculty, staff and members of students’ support systems.

The College of Health Professions Academic Advising Center provides academic advising which supports undergraduate students seeking admission to a program offered in the College of Health Professions. The center also prepares degree audits for all undergraduate students in the College of Health Professions, and in coordination with the Dean’s Office, verifies graduation.