College of Liberal Arts

Mary C. Brennan, Ph.D.
Flowers Hall Room 313
Telephone: 512-245-2317  Fax: 512-245-8291

Associate Dean
Susan B. Day, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
Lucy D. Harney, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Aimee K. Roundtree, Ph.D.

Center Directors/Department Chairs/Program Directors
International Studies–Paul Hart, Ph.D.
Diversity and Gender Studies–Audwin Anderson, Ph.D.
Study of the Southwest–John Mckiernan-Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Anthropology–Elizabeth Erhart, Ph.D.
English–Victoria L. Smith, Ph.D.
Geography–Yongmei Lu, Ph.D.
History–Angela F. Murphy, Ph.D.
Philosophy–Craig Hanks, Ph.D.
Political Science–Kenneth L. Grasso, Ph.D.
Psychology–William L. Kelemen, Ph.D.
Sociology–Chad L. Smith, Ph.D.

World Languages and Literatures–Lucy Ditto Harney, Ph.D.

The College of Liberal Arts provides students with the foundation for a liberal education, preparing graduates to think independently, to choose freely, to base personal and professional decisions on a broad understanding of history and culture, and to live full, rewarding lives. Recognizing the central importance of liberal education, the university requires that more than fifty percent of the general education core curriculum be taken in the College of Liberal Arts, and students increasingly declare majors or minors in one of the college’s nine departments or special programs.

The College of Liberal Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts in each of its nine departments: Anthropology, English, Geography, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. The Bachelor of Science is awarded in Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, and Sociology. The college also offers two special degrees: the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (B.A.I.S.), and the Bachelor of Public Administration (B.P.A.). The college houses twelve interdisciplinary minors: Aging and the Life Course, Diversity Studies, International Studies, Latina/o Studies, Media Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Nature and Heritage Tourism, Religious Studies, Southwestern Studies, Studies in Popular Culture, Value Studies, and Women’s Studies. The college provides education not only in the traditional humanities but also in the practical application of the humanities to professional careers.

Specific Requirements of the College of Liberal Arts

The following requirements apply to all degree programs within the College of Liberal Arts. Students transferring in more than 15 hours will not be required to complete US 1100 – University Seminar. Bachelor of Arts degrees require two semesters of literature and one additional science course. Transferring in a core-coded 040 course from another institution does not waive this requirement. See your academic advisor for questions related to these requirements.

Academic Advising Center

Flowers Hall Room 322
Telephone: 512-245-1852 Fax: 512-245-7949

The College of Liberal Arts Academic Advising Center provides effective guidance to a diverse community with integrity and commitment. In a supportive and collaborative environment, we motivate our students to take an active role in achieving their educational goals. The advising center works in cooperation with each department and center to provide quality academic advising and information to majors and minors within the College of Liberal Arts. The advising center is a resource for students, as advisors offer counseling on academic and administrative issues. Students can find information on core curriculum requirements, majors and minors, semester course selection, transfer credit, academic probation and suspension, progress toward degree completion, study abroad opportunities, and career options.

As students progress toward the completion of a degree, academic advisors recommend they follow a major checklist and a degree audit to guide them in course selection. Our advisors are available to offer explanations of these documents and assist in the process of applying for graduation. From new student orientation to graduation, academic advisors work closely with departments and centers in the college and throughout the university to ensure that each of our students has a successful academic career.

In an effort to prepare our Liberal Arts students for careers that offers them the opportunity to use their broad range of skills and abilities, the advising center has partnered with Career Services to bring special events and programs to the students in the college. In addition to meeting the individual needs of students, Career Services and the College of Liberal Arts frequently host programs and panels for specific majors where students can network with professionals.