Undergraduate Majors

The table below lists all undergraduate majors and degrees as they appear on a diploma and a transcript. Please note that a number of these programs have additional options or concentrations available. Program hours depend on degree options selected. The program list displays the minimum number of semester credit hours a student could complete to earn a particular degree. It does not reflect an actual student degree plan, which could have concentrations or options that require additional hours beyond the minimum. Consult the program page inside this catalog for more detailed information.

Texas State offers programs through the San Marcos Main Campus (M), Round Rock Campus (RRC), Online (O), Accelerated Online (AOP), and the Collin College Partnership (CCP) identified below.

Major Degree Minimum Hours Minor Teacher Cert.
Accounting (M) B.B.A. 120
Advertising (M) B.S. 120 Required
Agriculture (M) B.S.A.G. 120 Optional
Animal Science (M) B.S.A.G. 120
Agricultural Business and Management (M) B.S.A.G. 120
Anthropology (M, O) B.A. 120 Required
Anthropology (M) B.S. 120 Required
Applied Arts and Sciences (M, RRC, AOP, CCP) B.A.A.S. 120
Applied Mathematics (M) B.S. 120 Required
Applied Sociology (M) B.S. 120 Required
Aquatic Biology (M) B.S. 120 Required
Art (M) B.A. 120 Required
Art History (M) B.A. 120 Required
Biochemistry (M) B.S. 120 Required
Biology (M) B.S. 120 Required Optional
Chemistry (M) B.S. 120 Required Optional
Civil Engineering (M) B.S. 126
Communication Design (M) B.F.A. 120
Communication Disorders (RRC) B.S.C.D. 120
Communication Studies (M, AOP) B.A. 120 Required Optional
Computer Information Systems (M, RRC) B.B.A. 120
Computer Science (M) B.A. 120 Required
Computer Science (M, RRC, CCP) B.S. 120 Required
Concrete Industry Management (M) B.S. 120 Required
Construction Science and Management (M) B.S. 120 Required
Consumer Affairs (M) B.S.F.C.S. 120 Required Optional
Criminal Justice (M, RRC) B.S.C.J. 120
Dance (M) B.A. 120 Required
Dance (M) B.F.A. 120 Optional
Digital Media Innovation (M) B.S. 120 Required
Economics (M) B.A. 120 Required
Economics (M) B.B.A. 120
Education (M) B.A. 120 Yes
Education (RRC, AOP) B.S. 120 Yes
Electrical Engineering (M, CCP) B.S. 130
Electronic Media (M) B.S. 120 Required
Engineering Technology (M, CCP) B.S. 120
English (M) B.A. 120 Required Optional
Exercise and Sports Science (M, RRC, CCP) B.E.S.S. 120 Optional
Fashion Merchandising (M) B.S.F.C.S. 120 Required
Finance (M) B.B.A. 120
French (M) B.A. 120 Required Optional
Geographic Information Science (M) B.S. 120 Required
Geography (M) B.S. 120 Required Optional
Geography Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (M) B.S. 120 Required
Geography Urban and Regional Planning (M) B.S. 120 Required
Geography Water Resources (M) B.S. 120 Required
German (M) B.A. 120 Required Optional
Health and Fitness Management (M) B.E.S.S. 120 Required
Health Information Management (M, RRC) B.S.H.I.M. 120
Health Sciences (M, RRC) B.S. 120 Required
Healthcare Administration (M) B.H.A. 120
History (M) B.A. 120 Required Optional
Human Development and Family Sciences (M) B.S.F.C.S. 120 Optional
Human Geography (M) B.A. 120 Required
Industrial Engineering (M) B.S. 129
Integrated Studies (M, AOP) B.G.S. 120 Required
Interior Design (M) B.S.F.C.S. 120
International Relations (M) B.A.I.S. 120
International Studies (M) B.A.I.S. 120
Journalism (M) B.S. 120 Required
Management (M, RRC) B.B.A. 120
Manufacturing Engineering (M) B.S. 126
Marketing (M) B.B.A. 120
Mass Communication (M, RRC, O, AOP) B.A. 120 Required
Mathematics (M) B.A. 120 Required
Mathematics (M) B.S. 120 Required Optional
Mechanical Engineering (M) B.S. 126
Medical Laboratory Science (M) B.S.M.L.S. 120
Microbiology (M) B.S. 120 Required
Music (M) B.A. 120 Required
Music Studies (M) B.M. 129 Yes
Musical Theatre (M) B.F.A. 123
Nursing (RRC, AOP) B.S.N. 120
Nutrition and Foods (M) B.S.F.C.S. 120 Optional
Performance (M) B.M. 120
Philosophy (M) B.A. 120 Required
Photography (M) B.F.A. 120
Physical Geography (M) B.S. 120 Required
Physics (M) B.A. 120 Required
Physics (M) B.S. 120 Required Optional
Political Science (M) B.A. 120 Required Optional
Psychology (M, RRC, AOP) B.A. 120 Required
Psychology (M, RRC) B.S. 120 Required
Public Administration (M, AOP) B.P.A. 120 Required
Public Health (M, AOP) B.S. 120 Required
Public Relations (M, RRC) B.S. 120 Required
Radiation Therapy (M) B.S.R.T. 120
Recreation Studies (M) B.S. 120 Required
Religious Studies (M) B.A. 120 Required
Respiratory Care (M, AOP) B.S.R.C. 120
Social Work (M, RRC, O) B.S.W. 120
Sociology (M) B.A. 120 Required
Sound Recording Technology (M) B.S. 120
Spanish (M) B.A. 120 Required Optional
Studio Art (M) B.F.A. 120 Optional
Theatre (M) B.A. 120 Required
Theatre (M) B.F.A. 120 Optional
Wildlife Biology (M) B.S. 121

Certificate and degree programs are approved in accordance with guidelines provided by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas State University System Board of Regents.