Bachelor of Healthcare Administration (B.H.A.) Major in Healthcare Administration

Minimum required: 120 semester credit hours

Admission Requirements

  1. The Bachelor of Healthcare Administration (B.H.A.) degree with a major in Healthcare Administration requires admission to the university and admission to the program.
  2. Any student in Texas State may declare Pre-Healthcare Administration as the major. To declare Pre-Healthcare Administration as a major, contact the School Administrative Assistant and schedule an appointment with the B.H.A. Director.
  3. Admission to the Healthcare Administration program is competitive with a limited number of applicants accepted to each class. In addition to the minimum criteria for program consideration, applicants to the B.H.A. program are required to have an interview with the B.H.A. Program Director.
  4. A Texas State GPA of 2.75 or higher is required for application for admission.
  5. Successful completion of all general education core curriculum and support courses with a “C” or better in the following courses: MATH 1315 or an equivalent, ECO 2301 or ECO 2314, HP 3325 or an equivalent, and HA 3308.
  6. Completion of the PUG (punctuation, usage, grammar) test with a passing score (70% or higher). Contact the testing center at: (The cost is $40 per exam for current Texas State students). Additional information on the PUG can be found here:
  7. Completion of the application does not guarantee acceptance to the B.H.A. program. You must complete prerequisites and meet the above requirements for program acceptance. If accepted and you fail to complete prerequisites, your enrollment in HA classes will be delayed until prerequisites are completed.

  8. The application packet to the B.H.A. program should be submitted by the posted deadline and include:  B.H.A. Application, Interview Sheet signed by the B.H.A. Program Director (See below) Interview with the B.H.A. Program Director -- signature required on the application; Copy of current schedule (Texas State and other college or university); Statement of Purpose; Passing score on PUG must be on file by application deadline.
  9. The Statement of Purpose is a short essay that explains why you wish to be admitted to this program. It provides information about your interest in the health administration profession. The essay should be no longer than one single-spaced page. Be sure to check your essay’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  10. The application packet is due: (if the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday, application is due by NOON next working day) Application Deadline for spring - October 1 and the Application Deadline for fall - March 1
  11. Applications are to be turned in to the Health Admission Office.

 General Requirements

  1. The general education core curriculum courses are listed in the degree plan below along with the statewide component code number. See the General Education Core Curriculum section of this catalog for the Texas State requirements and options in the core curriculum, including Honors courses.

  2. Students must complete a minimum of 36 advanced hours (3000 or 4000 level courses).
  3. Nine hours of writing intensive (WI) courses are required for graduation.
  4. Any student who did not complete at least two years of the same foreign language in high school is required to take 6-8 hours of the same foreign language.
  5. All students are required to complete a residency for the B.H.A. The Joint Commission requires accredited healthcare facilities to complete criminal background checks on all employees. Therefore, a background check is required during your 3rd semester (enrollment in HA 4141) prior to the residency semester. If there is any reason that could prevent your placement at a facility, you will be asked to meet with the B.H.A. Program Director and/or the Field Placement Coordinator to determine if you will be able to complete the residency requirement. Issues with the background check could impact residency placement and ability for employment in the healthcare industry.
  6. All students must pass an EXIT exam administered in HA 4141.
  7. All students are required to have attained a grade of "C" or higher in each HA course. Students are required to take HA courses in a prescribed sequence. All 3000-level courses must be completed before enrolling in any 4000-level courses. All 4000-level courses must be completed before enrolling in field placement.
  8. Students are allowed to repeat each HA course once, and only once, to improve their grade. In the event that B.H.A. students do not make a “C” or better when repeating a course, they will be suspended from the major. B.H.A. students suspended from the B.H.A. program have a right of appeal and should contact the B.H.A. Director.

  9. All students are required to pass an EXIT exam administered in HA 4141 before enrolling in field placement.
  10. All students must have attained a 2.00 Texas State GPA or better and 2.25 HA GPA or better.

Course Requirements 

First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours 
ENG 1310 (Communication Component Code 010 [TCCN ENGL 1301])3ENG 1320 (Communication Component Code 010 [TCCN ENGL 1302])3 
COMM 1310 (Component Area Option Code 090/091 [TCCN SPCH 1311])3Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 0303 
American History Component Code 0603American History Component Code 0603 
Select one of the following (Mathematics Component Code 020):3Social and Behavioral Sciences Component Code 0803 
MATH 1315 (TCCN MATH 1314)
 PHIL 1305 or 1320 (Language, Philosophy, and Culture Component Code 040 [TCCN PHIL 1301 or 2306])3 
MATH 1319 (TCCN MATH 1324)
MATH 1329 (TCCN MATH 1325)
MATH 2417 (TCCN MATH 2412)
MATH 2471 (TCCN MATH 2413)
Life and Physical Sciences Component Code 0303  
US 110011  
 16 15 
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHoursSummerHours
ENG Literature (Component Area Option Code 090/094) [TCCN ENGL 2322, 2323, 2332, 2333, 2327 or 2328]3POSI 2320 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070 [TCCN GOVT 2305])3Elective5
ART 2313, DAN 2313, MU 2313, or TH 2313 (Creative Arts Component Code 050 [TCCN HUMA 1315])3ECO 2301 or 2314 (TCCN ECON 1301 or 2302 )3 
POSI 2310 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070 [TCCN GOVT 2306])3Select one of the following:3 
CIS 1323 or CS 1308 (TCCN BCIS 1305 or COSC 1301)3  
PSY 2301 (TCCN PSYC 2317)
 HA 33083 
 15 15 5
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours 
HA 33093HA 33413 
HA 33243HA 33403 
HA 33153HA 33763 
HA 33753HA 33443 
HA 33293HA 33473 
 15 15 
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours 
HA 43053HA 48488 
HA 43153  
HA 43183  
HA 43223  
HA 43253  
HA 41411  
 16 8 
Total Hours: 120