Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) Major in Communication Design

Minimum required: 120 semester credit hours

Admission Requirements

  1. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree with a major in Communication Design requires admission to the university and admission to the program.  Information about the program admissions can be found at:
  2. Admission requirements for the B.F.A. major in Communication Design are more restrictive than those of the University, and enrollment is limited to provide students with a quality experience. All applicants who indicate Communication Design as their preferred major will be assigned a temporary status/major code of Pre-Communication Design. In addition to meeting Texas State’s general admission criteria, all students intending to major in Communication Design must pass ARTC 2000, earn a minimum grade of B in ARTC 1301 and ARTC 1302, and have a minimum Overall GPA of 2.75 to be admitted into the program. Admission Portfolio Review is a competitive formal review of creative work, conducted by Communication Design faculty. Native and transfer students will register for ARTC 2000 during the earliest semester in which they will meet all eligibility requirements. Students who do not pass ARTC 2000 may register for a future review, but will be allowed only one more attempt. Pre-Communication Design majors will not be permitted to enroll in 2000 – 4000 level Communication Design courses until they have met all requirements and have been formally admitted to the program. Requirements for admission to the Communication Design program are:

General Requirements

  1. The major is a three-and-a-half year, sequenced curriculum that requires a minimum three-year residency at Texas State. 
  2. All Communication Design (ARTC) courses must be completed at Texas State.
  3. A minimum of 120 hours are required in this degree program including:

         a) US 1100 - not required for all students. Check with your Academic Advisor prior to enrolling in this course.
         b) 42 hours in the general education core curriculum. The general education core curriculum courses are listed in the degree plan below along with the statewide component code number. See the General Education Core Curriculum section of this catalog for the Texas State requirements and options in the core curriculum, including Honors courses.

         c) 77 hours in the major.

      4.  All course requirements must be met.

      5.  All prerequisites must be met.

      6.  A minimum 2.75 Major GPA is required for graduation.

           a) In addition to the program specific 2.75 major GPA, all general graduation requirements must be met.

     7.  Attendance during summer is recommended to allow time for intensive work in ARTC courses during regular/long semesters. This intensive work leads to, and may be incorporated in, the production of the final portfolio during the senior year.

         a) A maximum of 12 hours are recommended each semester of the freshman year, while enrolled in ARTF 1301, ARTF 1302, ARTC 1301, ARTC 1302 and ARTC 2000. Students who are required to take US 1100 will enroll in 13 hours in the first semester.
         b) A maximum of 12 hours are recommended each semester of the junior and senior year.

     8.  ARTC 4200 must be taken concurrently with ARTC 4315.

     9.  Sequenced ARTC courses, including ARTC 4200 and ARTC 4315, and are not offered in the summer.

     10.  Advanced ARTC electives may be offered during summer terms. To enroll in these courses, prerequisites must be met.

     11.  To meet degree requirements in four years:

         a) Complete ARTF 1301 and ARTF 1302 during the freshman year.
         b) Meet all admission requirements, no later than the first semester of the Sophomore year.

         c) Stay on sequence with ARTC courses.
         d) Pass all ARTC courses on the first attempt.

Course Requirements

Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours 
ARTF 13013ARTC 13013 
ARTF 13023ARTC 13023 
ENG 1310 (Communication Component Code 010)3ARTC 20000 
US 110021ARTH 23013 
ART 2313, DAN 2313, MU 2313, or TH 2313 (Creative Arts Component Code 050)3ENG 1320 (Communication Component Code 010)3 
 13 12 
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHoursSummerHours
ARTC 23033ARTC 33073ARTH 23023
ARTC 23043ARTC 33203HIST 1320 (American History Component Code 060)3
ARTF 13033HIST 1310 (American History Component Code 060)33D Studio Art3
Mathematics Component Code 02032D Studio Art3COMM 1310 (Component Area Option Code 090/091)3
 12 12 12
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHoursSummerHours
ARTC 33013ARTC 33043POSI 2310 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070)3
ARTC 33033ARTC 43083Advanced ARTC Elective3
ARTC 331632D Studio Art32D Studio Art3
Life & Physical Sciences Component Code 0303Life & Physical Sciences Component Code 0303Social & Behavioral Sciences Component Code 0803
 12 12 12
Fall SemesterHoursSpring SemesterHours 
Advanced ARTC Electives6ARTC 420012 
PHIL 1305 or 1320 (Language, Philosophy & Culture Component Code 040)3ARTC 43153 
POSI 2320 (Government/Political Science Component Code 070)3Advanced ARTC Elective3 
 ENG Literature (Component Area Option Code 090/094)3 
 12 11 
Total Hours: 120

Course Options in the Major

Choose 3 courses in 2D Studio Art from the following:
Expanded Media I
Painting I
Foundations of Photography I
Introduction to Printmaking: Screen and Relief
Watercolor I
Screen Printing
Any 2D ARTS Topics Course from ARTS 4308 or ARTS 4309
Choose 1 course in 3D Studio Art from the following:
Expanded Media I
Ceramics I
Metals I
Sculpture I
Any 3D ARTS Topics Course from ARTS 4308 or ARTS 4309
Advanced Art Elective from the following:
Choose 1 course from 3000 or 4000 level ARTC, ARTH, ARTS, or ARTT courses
Transfer courses that are evaluated as Advanced Art Electives (ELADV in ART, ARTC, ARTH, ARTS and ARTT) will meet this requirement.
Co-requisites and/or prerequisites will not be waived.
Advanced Communication Design from the following:
Choose 3 courses from 3000 or 4000 level ARTC courses which are not otherwise required in the major.
Co-requisites and/or prerequisites will not be waived.