Minor in Art

The minor in Art requires 24 semester credit hours. All prerequisites must be met for any course chosen to satisfy requirements for the minor in Art. 

Students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Art History, who also choose to complete the minor in Art, must complete a minimum of 9 unique hours in the minor. It must be noted that a combination of the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Art and a minor in Art History, may result in the need for advanced open electives in order to complete the minimum 120 overall hours and/or the minimum 36 advanced hours that are required for graduation. 

Required Courses
ARTF 13012-D Design3
ARTF 1302Basic Drawing3
ARTF 13033-D Design3
ARTS 1305Digital Studio Foundations3
Choose 6 hours from ARTC, ARTH, ARTS, or ARTT courses6
Choose 6 hours from advanced level ARTC, ARTH, ARTS, or ARTT courses 16
Total Hours24