Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (B.S.F.C.S.) Major in Nutrition and Foods

Minimum required: 120 semester hours

General Requirements

  1. In addition to general education core requirements, majors take courses in biology, and specialized courses in food systems, food science, nutritional assessment, physiology and nutrition, wellness and fitness, life span nutrition, and food service management. Course options include medical nutrition therapy, advanced food science, and nutrition and genetics.
  2. Majors must maintain a Texas State and major GPA of 2.50 or higher in order to graduate.
  3. Majors participate in an externship.
  4. A minor is required, and those in biology, business administration, and chemistry are recommended.
  5. If two years of the same modern language are taken in high school, then no additional language hours will be required for the degree. In the absence of modern language taken in high school, then two semesters of the same modern language (1410 and 1420) must be taken at the college level, and the requirement will be added to the student's degree audit.

Course Requirements

NUTR 13623
NUTR 11621
BIO 1330
BIO 1130
CHEM 1341
CHEM 1141
CHEM 1342
CHEM 1142
ENG 13103
ENG 13203
COMM 13103
US 11001
HIST 13103
MATH 1315 or 13193
POSI 23103
NUTR 23603
NUTR 23613
NUTR 23623
NUTR 21621
BIO 24304
BIO 24404
HIST 13203
PSY 1300 or SOCI 13103
PHIL 1305 or 13203
POSI 23203
NUTR 33633
NUTR 33673
NUTR 43633
Select one of the following:3
ENG Literature3
NUTR 43013
NUTR 43653
FCS 43033
FCS 4347 or NUTR 43663
Select 9 hours from the following:9
Total Hours: 120