Minor in Nutrition

The minor in Nutrition requires 18-19 semester credit hours, depending on the student's major and on which courses are selected from the minor options. This is a science-based minor that requires that some biology and chemistry prerequisites must be completed. Because many of the nutrition courses require science prerequisites, the total hours for the minor may vary depending on what courses the student has completed as part of their major or has satisfied as part of the general education core curriculum.

Required Courses
NUTR 2360Nutrition Science (prerequisite 3 hours of science)3
NUTR 2361Nutritional Assessment (prerequisite NUTR 2360)3
NUTR 3367Nutrition and Physiology (prerequisites NUTR 2360, CHEM 1341, CHEM 1141, CHEM 1342, CHEM 1142, BIO 2430)3
Prescribed Electives
Choose 9-10 hours from the following:9-10
Food Systems Laboratory
Food Systems
Food Science Laboratory (prerequisite NUTR 2360)
Food Science (prerequisite NUTR 1362)
Nutrition for Wellness and Fitness (prerequisites NUTR 2361, NUTR 3367, BIO 2430 or BIO 2451 or BIO 2452)
Biochemical Nutrition (prerequisites NUTR 3367, BIO 2430, NUTR 4365, CHEM 2350, CHEM 2150)
Nutrition Counseling and Education (prerequisites NUTR 2361, NUTR 4365)
Nutrition in the Life Span (prerequisites NUTR 2361, NUTR 3367, BIO 2430 or BIO 2451 or BIO 2452)
Ethics and Policy in Nutrition (prerequisites NUTR 1362, NUTR 4365)
Total Hours18-19