Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (B.S.F.C.S.) Major in Consumer Affairs (Family and Consumer Sciences Option)

Minimum required: 120 semester hours

General Requirements

  1. In addition to general education core curriculum and departmental core requirements, the Consumer Affairs major is required to take courses in all areas of Family and Consumer Sciences.
  2. Majors participate in an internship in a related area.
  3. At least three hours of the electives must be advanced.
  4. A minor is required.
  5. If two years of the same modern language are taken in high school, then no additional language hours will be required for the degree. In the absence of modern language taken in high school, then two semesters of the same modern language (1410 and 1420) must be taken at the college level, and the requirement will be added to the student's degree audit.

Course Requirements

CA 13413
FCD 13513
NUTR 13623
NUTR 11621
ID 13103
FM 1332 or 23353
ENG 13103
ENG 13203
US 11001
HIST 13103
POSI 23103
Mathematics (Core 020)3
CA 13473
NUTR 2360 or 33623
FCD 23513
ENG Literature3
HIST 13203
PHIL 1305 or 13203
POSI 23203
Life and Physical Sciences6
CA 33423
CA 33513
ID 23213
FCD 1355 or 43513
Select one of the following:3
COMM 13103
Social and Behavioral Sciences3
COMM 3318S, 3358, or MC 43813
CA 43013
CA 43413
Select one of the following:3
FCS 43473
Minor (advanced)9
Advanced Elective4
Total Hours: 120

MATH 1316 is not accepted as a prerequisite for courses in some minors.