Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) Major in Social Work

Minimum required: 120 semester hours

General Requirements

  1. The Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) degree with a major in Social Work requires 54 hours in Social Work and 9 hours in supportive Social Sciences, and builds on liberal arts and the general education core curriculum. The Social Work curriculum is based on and interwoven with the liberal arts/general education core curriculum consisting of 54 semester credit hours. The Social Work major does not require a minor. Students progress in three phases of the Social Work major, without regard to disability. A social worker must be emotionally and mentally stable, must have strong communication skills, must have solid interpersonal relationship-building skills, and must conform to professional ethics. The School of Social Work faculty evaluate whether students meet these criteria and may advise a student at any point to continue in the B.S.W. major or consider another major.
  2. If two years of the same modern language are taken in high school, then no additional language hours will be required for the degree. In the absence of modern language taken in high school, then two semesters of the same modern language (1410 and 1420) must be taken at the college level, and the requirement will be added to the student's degree audit.

Phase I: Entry Level Social Work Courses and Specified General Education Core Curriculum Courses.

Any student may declare a social work major and may enroll in SOWK 1350, SOWK 2375, as well as SOWK elective courses. Social work majors should complete most of the following general education core curriculum and liberal arts courses before applying to Phase II of the Social Work major. They must complete at least 45 credit hours, including the following:

Life and Physical Sciences Core3
Life and Physical Sciences Core3
COMM 1310Fundamentals of Human Communication3
ENG 1310College Writing I3
ENG 1320College Writing II3
HIST 1310History of the United States to 18773
HIST 1320History of the United States, 1877 to Date3
MATH 1315College Algebra3
or MATH 1319 Mathematics for Business and Economics I
PHIL 1305Philosophy and Critical Thinking3
or PHIL 1320 Ethics and Society
SOWK 1350Introduction to Social Work3
SOWK 2375Social Services in the Community3
US 1100University Seminar (if required)1
Total Hours34

Biology is the only acceptable Life and Physical Science for admission to the B.S.W. major regardless of core curriculum requirements.

Applicants must have a minimum 2.50 overall GPA and a minimum 2.75 GPA in SOWK courses and supportive courses (Biostatistics, ENG 3303 or ENG 3304, and PSY 3322) to apply for Phase II. Students interested in Social Work must contact the College of Applied Arts Academic Advising Center for advisement.

Phase II: (Social Work Major)

Students submit a formal application for admission to Phase II. Application materials are due to the School of Social Work office by 5:00 p.m. on the second Monday of November for spring admission to the major or the second Monday in April for fall admission to the major. An admission committee screens applicants, considering academic record and suitability for social work practice, and informs applicants in writing of their decision to admit to full major status, conditionally admit to full major status, or deny admission to full major status. Students admitted to Phase II must attend a mandatory orientation to the major prior to beginning Phase II of the degree program. Information regarding the orientation will be provided in the written notification of admission to Phase II of the major. When students are admitted to Phase II, their formal academic major is converted from Pre-Social Work to Social Work.

Admission into Phase II does not guarantee permission to remain in the degree program. Social Work faculty will continuously assess a student’s progress. To be retained, the student must maintain the required minimum Texas State GPA of 2.50. Students must also earn a minimum grade of “C” in each social work course and each supportive course. The School of Social Work outlines the academic progress and advancement to graduation in relation to retaking major sequence coursework in the student handbook. To remain in Phase II, students must also agree to adhere to the NASW Code of Ethics and must demonstrate emotional and mental stability, competent communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and high levels of self-awareness.

Phase III: (Field Placement)

Students who have completed all required courses for the B.S.W., excluding SOWK 4645 and SOWK 4650 (Field Placement), and who have met all the requirements noted above may apply for field placement. Students apply for field placement with the School of Social Work's Field Office.

The School prefers that students take SOWK 4645 and SOWK 4650 during the same semester, which requires that the student limit his/her enrollment that semester to field placement, totaling 12 hours. Under exceptional circumstances, students may request permission from the Field Coordinator to take SOWK 4645 and SOWK 4650 over two consecutive semesters (6 hours each semester).

To be eligible for graduation a student must complete all degree requirements and must have a minimum Texas State GPA of 2.50 with a GPA of 2.75 in social work and supportive courses. Students seeking either a dual degree or a second bachelors’ degree in Social Work will need to complete all requirements for the B.S.W degree totaling 54 hours for the major, to include 12 hours in field internship, 14 hours in modern languages, 9 hours in supportive courses and the required biology curriculum. To be eligible for graduation a student must complete all degree requirements and must have a minimum Texas State GPA of 2.50 with a GPA of 2.75 in social work and supportive courses.

Course Requirements

COMM 131013
ENG 131013
ENG 132013
US 11001
HIST 131013
MATH 1315 or 131913
PHIL 1305 or 132013
POSI 23103
PSY 13003
SOWK 135013
Life & Physical Sciences Core3
Life & Physical Sciences Core3
ENG Literature3
HP 33023
HIST 132013
POSI 23203
SOWK 23751,23
Select one of the following:3
SOWK Electives36
SOWK 33053
SOWK 33403
SOWK 34204
SOWK 34254
SOWK 43103
SOWK 43553
SOWK 33123
ENG 3303 or 33043
Interdisciplinary Electives45
SOWK 43053
SOWK 43563
SOWK 44254
SOWK 46456
SOWK 46506
Total Hours: 120

Required prior to application for Social Work major.


Requires an additional 50 hours volunteering.


 Social Work Electives:


 Interdisciplinary Electives:

  • CA 1341 Consumers in the Marketplace
  • CA 1347 Family and Personal Resource Management
  • CA 2341 Digital Applications in Consumer Finance (requires prerequisite)
  • CA 4341 Counseling for Family Practitioners (requires prerequisite)
  • CJ 1310 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 2310 Police Systems and Practices
  • CJ 2350 The Courts and Criminal Procedures
  • CJ 2355 Correction Systems and Practices
  • CJ 2360 Fundamentals of Criminal Law
  •  CJ 3300 Juvenile Justice
  • CJ 3322 Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice
  • PSY 3322 Brain and Behavior
  • PSY 3336 Sports Psychology
  • PSY 3361 Health Psychology