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In Texas and throughout the United States, demand for graduates with knowledge of international business, cultural and area studies, and language skills continues to increase. The growing movement toward intercontinental and international trade blocs, such as NAFTA and the European Union, has created a need for persons who are not only skilled in business and communications technology, but also cultural understanding and international business practices. The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (B.A.I.S.) degree offered by the Center addresses this need and prepares students for work in multinational corporations, state and federal governmental agencies with international divisions, and nonprofit corporations.

In addition to its academic programs, the Center gives its students several opportunities to develop global awareness and intercultural sensitivity during their undergraduate years, including internships and study abroad.

Peace Corps Prep

Peace Corps Prep is a certificate program awarded by the Peace Corps for undergraduates that allows students to build on the four competencies (training/experience in a work sector, foreign language skills, intercultural competence, and professional and leadership development) that Peace Corps looks for in its applicants. The certificate also gives students a competitive edge when applying for Peace Corps service. The program is open to all majors but housed in the Center for International Studies. While the program does not guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, undergraduates will gain skills that are an advantage in the competitive application process and in other international development work. Being part of the program is a powerful way to demonstrate to any future employer that participating students can think and act with global understanding and cultural awareness.

Academic Advising

Both pre-majors and declared majors will receive advising assistance from the College of Liberal Arts Academic Advising Center. The Center for International Studies employs a full time academic program coordinator who provides information on graduate study, internships, and planning for study abroad. The Center works closely with the Office of Career Services to prepare students for internationally-focused careers in various fields, and with the College of Liberal Arts Academic Advising Center to ensure our students’ timely graduation.

Graduation Requirements

For graduation, all majors are required to maintain a TXST GPA of 2.75, a major GPA of 3.00, complete the Texas State general education core curriculum (including the additional special requirements for the B.A.I.S.), the International Studies Core, and the International Studies major courses. Additionally, all undergraduate students pursuing the B.A.I.S. degree are required to complete a global academic experience. The requirement can be fulfilled by a study abroad course or the IS 4387, International Studies Internship, if it entails international work, service, or group research. The Center’s director and academic program coordinator will work closely with IS majors to find the best options for faculty-led or independent international study. International Studies majors are not required to complete a minor. Students must meet all course prerequisites. Please see the College of Liberal Arts, and Degrees and Programs sections of this catalog for specific information on the general education core curriculum, and special requirements for the B.A.I.S.

International Studies majors are required to complete the special requirements in science, modern language, and English Literature. For International Studies majors, the list of approved additional science courses under that section is expanded to include statistics. Approved statistics courses are:

QMST 2333Business Statistics3
SOCI 3307Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences3
GEO 3301Research Methods in Geography3
PS 3315Quantitative Research in Political Science3
CJ 3347Statistics For Criminal Justice3
HP 3302Biostatistics3
MATH 2358Discrete Mathematics I3
MATH 3305Introduction to Probability and Statistics3

International Studies Core

All majors in International Studies are required to complete 27 hours of core courses:

ECO 2314Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO 2315Principles of Macroeconomics3
GEO 1310World Geography3
GEO 3303Economic Geography3
HIST 2310Western Civilization to 17153
or HIST 2311 History of World Civilization to the 17th Century
HIST 2312History of World Civilization from the 17th Century3
or HIST 2320 Western Civilization, 1715 to Date
IS 4380International Studies Seminar3
PS 3351Introduction to International Studies3
Modern Language of one advanced (3000- or 4000-level) course in the same language that was completed for the additional BA requirements3
MODL 2310
MODL 2320
Total Hours27

Courses in International Studies (IS)

IS 4380. International Studies Seminar.

A senior-level seminar that explores international topics through reading, writing, research and group discussion. Students will be expected to produce a significant research paper. This course is required for all International Studies majors and should be taken in the senior year of undergraduate study. (MULT).

3 Credit Hours. 3 Lecture Contact Hours. 0 Lab Contact Hours.
Course Attribute(s): Exclude from 3-peat Processing|Multicultural Content|Writing Intensive
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

IS 4387. International Studies Internship.

A semester-long work and study experience in a local, national, or foreign setting. Internships must be approved by the director of the Center for International Studies. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

3 Credit Hours. 0 Lecture Contact Hours. 10 Lab Contact Hours.
Course Attribute(s): Exclude from 3-peat Processing
Grade Mode: Standard Letter

IS 4687. International Studies Internship.

A semester long work and study experience in a local, national, or foreign setting. Internships must be approved by the director of the Center for International Studies. Repeatable once for credit. Prerequisite: Minimum 3.0 Texas State GPA.

6 Credit Hours. 0 Lecture Contact Hours. 10 Lab Contact Hours.
Course Attribute(s): Exclude from 3-peat Processing
Grade Mode: Standard Letter