Minor in International Studies

The minor in International Studies requires 18 semester credit hours. An International Studies minor provides students with broader understanding and awareness of global histories, politics, languages, and culture.

Required Courses
GEO 1310World Geography3
PS 3351Introduction to International Studies 3
International Perspective Prescribed Electives
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
International Economics
Economic Geography
History of Mexico
Modern Revolutions in Latin American History
History of U.S. Foreign Relations
History of U.S. Foreign Policy-Making in the Muslim World
U.S. - Cuban Relations
Theories of International Politics
Issues in World Politics
International Conflict and Security
International Law
International Organizations
Politics of International Economic Relations
International Studies Prescribed Electives
Choose 6 hours from the following courses: 16
Accounting in Organizations and Society
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Introduction to Managerial Accounting
International Food and Fiber Systems
International Horticulture
Green Revolution & Agricultural Development in Asia
Agricultural Resource Economics
World Prehistory
Cultures Through Film
Latin American Cultures
The Origin and Evolution of Human Behavior
Peoples and Cultures of Africa
Mexican American Culture
Anthropology of Religion and Fundamentalism
Archaeology of Mexico
Archaeology of North America
The Incas
Gender and Sexuality in Cross-cultural Perspective
Anthropology of Peace and Violence
Archaeology of Andean Civilizations
Economic Anthropology
The Art and Archaeology of the Olmec
Rise of Civilization
Levantine Arabic
Media Arabic
Studies in Arabic Language and Culture
Ancient to Medieval Art
Renaissance to Modern Art
Global Art Histories
History of Modern Art
Latin American Art
Pre-Columbian Art
Global History of Cinema
Renaissance Art
Asian Art
History of Italian Art
Hellenistic Art and Culture
Islamic Art
Contemporary Art in Italy
Contemporary Art in Mexico
Global Ecology
International Business Law
Conversational Chinese
Studies in Chinese Language and Culture
Intercultural Communication
Diversity and Communication
Intercultural Communication in the Americas
Political Communication
World Dance and Cultures
Dance in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Money and Banking
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Emerging Market Economies
Comparative Economic Systems
Practices in Writing and Rhetoric
Film Studies
The European Novel
Russian Literature in Translation
Types of World Drama in English
Types of World Drama in English (Modern)
Studies in World Literature
Global Medieval Literature
Early Medieval Literature of the British Isles
Medieval English Literature
Introduction to Canadian Literature
French Composition and Conversation
Acting French
Masterpieces of French Literature
French Translation I
French Pronunciation and Intonation
History of French Cinema I, 1895-1960
History of French Cinema II, 1960 to the Present
Business French I
French Civilization
Studies in French Culture, Language, or Literature
Geography of Europe
Latin America
United States and Canada
Geography of North Africa and the Middle East
Geography of South and Southeast Asia
Geography of China and Japan
Political Geography
World Population
American Ethnic Geography
Interpretive Environmental Geography
Geography of the Russian Realm
German Cinema
German Colonialism, Orientalism, and Exoticism in Film and Literature
The Contemporary German-Speaking World
Business German in Global Economy
Masterpieces of German Literature
Studies in German Culture, Language, or Literature
History of Europe, 1815-1919
History of Europe Since 1919
Renaissance and Reformation
Europe During the Old Regime, 1600-1760
Revolutionary Europe, 1760-1815
History of England to 1603
History of England Since 1603
History of Brazil
History of Mexico
Colonial History of Latin America to 1828
Latin America from Independence to Present
Modern Revolutions in Latin American History
Resistance and Rebellion in Colonial Latin America
The Southern Cone of Latin America
History of Mexico to 1848
Spanish Borderlands, 1521-1821
History of U.S. Foreign Relations
History of U.S. Foreign Policy-Making in the Muslim World
The Space Race
History of U.S. Foreign Policy in Indochina
U.S. Foreign Relations from Revolution to Reconstruction
The U.S. and Britain in the Sixties
U.S. - Cuban Relations
History of Religion in India
Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean World, 1600 B.C. to 30 B.C.
Ancient Rome and the Mediterranean 500 B.C. to 500 A.D.
Medieval European History, 300-1400
Tudor-Stuart England, 1485-1689
Daily Life in the Roman Empire
France and the Modern World
Britain and the World
Origins of Christianity
Islamic History to 1798
The Modern Middle East
The Problem of Palestine
History of India
The History of Russia and Eurasia to 1917
The History of Russia and Eurasia from 1917 to Present
Germany from 1815 to Present
Germany and National Socialism, 1918-1945
Modern China, 1600-Present
Modern Japan, 1600-Present
Modern Korea
Hong Kong in the Modern World
Mahatma Gandhi and Nonviolence
Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas
Origins of the Modern Global Economic System
Empire and Identity in Central Asia
Gender in Latin American History
History and Culture of Modern India
Gender & Militarization in the Arab World
History of Southeast Asia
History of Indochina
Workers and Work in the Arab World
Japanese Urban Life
History of Pakistan
The Great War
Development of Secularism in Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey
Military History of the United States
War and Society
Mexican American History
Economic and Social History of the Americas
International Studies Internship
International Studies Internship
Studies in Italian Language and Culture
Modern Japanese Literature and Culture
Advanced Japanese for Business
Japanese Language through Popular Culture
Japanese Post-War Fiction
Japanese Science Fiction
Studies in Japanese Language and Culture
Visual Communication
Introduction to Public Relations
International Advertising
International Communication
Latinas/Latinos and the Media
Media in Asia and Southeast Asia
Management of Organizations
International Business
Organizational Behavior and Human Relations
Principles of Marketing
International Marketing
World Musics
Inclusion and Diversity in Women's Health
Professional Ethics
Philosophy and Sport
Social and Political Philosophy
Asian Philosophy
Latin American Philosophy
Themes in Africana Philosophy
Comparative Politics
African Politics
Government and Politics of Latin America
Government and Politics of Europe
Government and Politics of Russia
Government and Politics of Asia
Politics of Modern Southeast Asia
Revolution and Nationalism
Latin America Party Politics: Theory and Practice
Introduction to International Studies
Theories of International Politics
Issues in World Politics
United States-Latin America Relations
Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (Greeks to 1600)
The Holocaust
American Foreign Policy
Latina/o Politics
Islamic Law and Politics
The Politics of U.S. Economic Policy
Government and Politics of Japan
Economic Development in Latin America
Politics of Democratization in Developing Countries
The Politics of Extremism
U.S. National Affairs and Homeland Security
International Conflict and Security
International Law
International Organizations
Politics of International Economic Relations
Industrial Psychology
Psychology of Human Diversity
International Psychology
The Philosophical and Spiritual Heritage of India
An Introduction to Chinese Religions
Studies in Russian Language and Culture
Population Dynamics
Sociology of Latinos and Immigration
Sociology of Racial and Ethnic Relations
Complex Organizations
Globalization and Development
Sociology of Religion: A Global Perspective
International Social Work
Literatures of Spain I
Literatures of Spain II
Business Spanish I
Business Spanish II
Spanish Civilization
Latin American Civilization
The Spanish Novel
Historical Aspects of Hispanic Linguistics
The Latin American Novel
Hispanic Film
Hispanic Poetry
Hispanic Drama
Hispanic Nobel Prizes in Literature
Mexican Literature
Nature and Nation in Latin American Literature
Studies in Spanish Culture, Language, or Literature
Total Hours18

The six hours of advanced electives are to be selected from an approved list that is available in the Center for International Studies. Please contact an advisor for this list.

Students wishing to satisfy coursework in the minor through participation in Texas State Affiliated programs through the Education Abroad Office must complete all of the following steps:

  1.  Declare International Studies as a minor before going abroad.
  2.  Attend a General Information Session through the Education Abroad Office.
  3.  Complete the Transfer Credit Agreement Form.
  4.  Complete the Texas State Affiliated Program Application.
  5.  Submit the Transfer Credit Agreement Form to the Center for International Studies (Center) and meet with the Director, Associate Director, or Academic Advisor of the    Center to review the completed Transfer Credit Agreement Form.  A completed Transfer Credit Agreement form should include prospective courses from the affiliated institution and the Texas State equivalency.  All courses evaluated via Transfer Credit Agreement Form must be approved by the Director or Associate Director of the Center. The Center will review courses with the following prefixes (pending evaluation as an Elective Advanced course - ELADV) – ANTH, ECO, FIN, GEO, HIST, IS, MC, MGT, MKT, PA, PHIL, POSI, PS, and SOCI. Additional courses outside of approved prefixes will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  6.  Submit the Texas State Affiliated Program Application to the Education Abroad Office with a copy to the Center.
  7.   Apply through your respective Affiliated Provider.

Enrolling in courses not indicated on Transfer Credit Agreement may result in courses not being counted towards degree program. Such courses may be ineligible for financial aid. Any new course selection will require an updated Transfer Credit Agreement form that must be reviewed and approved by the Center.