Minor in International Studies

The minor in International Studies requires 21 semester credit hours.

Required Courses
GEO 1310World Geography3
GEO 3303Economic Geography3
PS 3351Introduction to International Studies 3
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
International Economics
Issues in World Politics
Theories of International Politics
International Law
International Organizations
Politics of International Economic Relations
International Conflict and Security
Choose 9 hours of advanced courses 19
Total Hours21

Students wishing to satisfy coursework in the minor through participation in Texas State Affiliated programs through the Study Abroad Office must complete all of the following steps:

  1.  Declare International Studies as a minor before going abroad.
  2.  Attend a General Information Session through the Study Abroad Office.
  3.  Complete the Transfer Credit Agreement Form.
  4.  Complete the Texas State Affiliated Program Application.
  5.  Submit the Transfer Credit Agreement Form to the Center for International Studies (Center) and meet with the Director, Associate Director, or Academic Advisor of the    Center to review the completed Transfer Credit Agreement Form.  A completed Transfer Credit Agreement form should include prospective courses from the affiliated institution and the Texas State equivalency.  All courses evaluated via Transfer Credit Agreement Form must be approved by the Director or Associate Director of the Center. The Center will review courses with the following prefixes (pending evaluation as an Elective Advanced course - ELADV) – ANTH, ECO, FIN, GEO, HIST, IS, MC, MGT, MKT, PA, PHIL, POSI, PS, and SOCI. Additional courses outside of approved prefixes will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  6.  Submit the Texas State Affiliated Program Application to the Study Abroad Office with a copy to the Center.
  7.   Apply through your respective Affiliated Provider.

Enrolling in courses not indicated on Transfer Credit Agreement may result in courses not being counted towards degree program. Such courses may be ineligible for financial aid. Any new course selection will require an updated Transfer Credit Agreement form that must be reviewed and approved by the Center.