Center for the Study of the Southwest

Brazos Hall Room 212
T: 512.245.2224 F: 512.245.7462

The Center for the Study of Southwest, established in February 1990 in the College of Liberal Arts, has a threefold mission: curriculum development, public outreach, and research. Its 18-hour interdisciplinary minor, administered jointly with the Department of English, was approved in 1992. The Center draws faculty from varied disciplines (Art, Biology, English, Geography, History, and others); it disseminates information about its programs and research through Southwestern American Literature, a biannual journal devoted to the literature and culture of the Greater Southwest, and Texas Books in Review, a journal that monitors publications from or about Texas.

The Center for the Study of the Southwest, funded in part by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Houston Endowment, promotes the exchange of knowledge about regional  issues among individuals, communities, and institutions across the U.S. Southwest and northern Mexico. The Center encourages students, teachers, and the general public to understand the power of place to build identity, honor diversity, strengthen community, and celebrate the human spirit.