Minor in Diplomacy

The minor in Diplomacy requires 21 semester credit hours. A Diplomacy minor provides students with broader understanding and awareness of global histories, politics, and culture and prepares them specifically for experiences in international diplomacy.

Required Courses9
Comparative Politics
US National Security Strategy
Diplomacy Seminar 1
Prescribed Electives
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Anthropology of Religion and Fundamentalism
Communication and Conflict Management
Intercultural Communication
Argumentation and Debate 2
Advanced Public Speaking 2
Intelligence Analysis 2
International Economics 2
Emerging Market Economies 2
Comparative Economic Systems 2
Introduction to Cultural Geography
Economic Geography
Political Geography
Choose 3 hours from the following3
Project Management
Leadership and Professional Development
Writing to Change the World 2
Talking Like TED 2
Modern Democracy & Its Enemies 2
The Anthropology of Religion and Fundamentalism 2
Media Writing 2
Introduction to Public Relations
Foundations of Public Relations Writing 2
Cross-Cultural Human Relations 2
Business Contracts/Negotiation 2
Effective Teams and Groups 2
Global Health
Elementary Logic
Social and Political Philosophy 2
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
History of Europe Since 1919
History of Mexico
Modern Revolutions in Latin American History
History of U.S. Foreign Relations
Immigration and US History
Immigration in European History
The Modern Middle East
The Problem of Palestine
History of India
The History of Russia and Eurasia from 1917 to Present
Modern China, 1600-Present
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Comparative Politics
Government and Politics of Russia
Government and Politics of Asia
Revolution and Nationalism
Introduction to International Studies
Theories of International Politics
Issues in World Politics
Modern Political Theory (1600 - 1900)
American Foreign Policy
Authoritarian Regimes
Politics of Democratization in Developing Countries
The Politics of Extremism
Model International Institution Competition
Organization of American States
U.S. National Affairs and Homeland Security
International Conflict and Security
International Law
International Organizations
Politics of International Economic Relations
US National Security Strategy
Total Hours21

If the course is not offered, an advisor-approved internship may be subsituted for IS 4387.


Some courses may require a prerequisite or departmental approval.