Minor in Coaching

A minor in Coaching requires 22 hours and is designed to provide basic expertise in coaching based on the NASPE national standards for sport coaches. Students receive field experience through a supervised internship. The minor is not available to students majoring in Exercise and Sports Science as well as Health and Fitness Management.

AT 2356Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries3
Select three of the following:3
Beginning Field Sports
Beginning Tennis, Badminton, and Other Racket Sports
Beginning Track and Field
Beginning Volleyball and Basketball
ESS 3117Laboratory in Exercise Physiology1
ESS 3317Exercise Physiology3
ESS 3320Biomechanics3
ESS 3340Theory and Principles of Coaching3
ESS 4320Resistance Training and Conditioning3
ESS 4340Internship in Coaching3
Total Hours22