Residency for Tuition

Residency status affects an individual’s eligibility for resident tuition rates and for financial aid at Texas State. Applicants for admission to Texas State, as well as current students, are classified either as an in-state resident of Texas or an out-of-state non-resident.

Rules for determining residency for tuition purposes are different from those regarding standard legal residency. An individual’s residency classification is initially determined by the information provided by the student on their admission application. The student is responsible for ensuring that their residency information is accurate and any corrections are made to their classification before the census date (normally the 12th day of classes for the spring and fall semesters or the 4th day for summer terms). Questions or updates regarding a student's residency classification should be directed to the Residency Officer at

Some non-residents may qualify to have the out-of-state portion of their tuition waived.  It is imperative that students understand that the waiver is temporary and does not grant in-state residency. If it expires, or is lost, the tuition bill will reflect the full non-resident amount if residency has not otherwise been established.