Housing and Residential Life

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University Housing Policy

In support of the educational mission of the university and the student value of the on-campus residential experience, the Department of Housing and Residential Life provides a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment, while offering opportunities for increased campus involvement, social interaction and academic assistance. For these reasons, the university requires that certain students live on campus.

New freshmen under the age of 20 (by September 1  for fall admission or January 1 for spring admission) with fewer than 30 semester credit hours are required to live in on-campus university housing. All students who graduated from high school within the preceding 12 months of the semester of their admission are also required to live on campus.

Living On-Campus

It is the mission of the Department of Housing and Residential Life to provide welcoming living communities that foster academic success, campus engagement. and personal development. The on-campus living experience is where lifetime friendships are formed, ideas and ideals are exchanged, and a whole world of opportunity and potential is spread before those willing to explore, study and get involved.

Research at Texas State and nationally has shown that, when compared to those living elsewhere, students living in the residence halls are more fully involved in academic and extracurricular activities and tend to earn a higher GPA.

Dining On-Campus

The university offers four different dining plans so students can pick the one that best fits their schedule, eating preferences, and pocketbook.

Applying to Live On Campus

Contracts for on-campus housing are accepted only after admission to Texas State

Cancellation Deadlines

Contracts for on-campus living are for the entire academic year. Once the contract has been signed and returned there are very limited reasons for cancellation. For those not planning to attend the university, cancellation deadlines must be met for a deposit to be refunded. See the contract terms and conditions for specific cancellation details.