Tuition and Fees

Further information regarding tuition and fees may be obtained at

The university reserves the right to change fees in keeping with the acts of the Texas Legislature and the Board of Regents of the Texas State University System. The payment of all fees entitles the student to admission to classes; admission to auditorium and athletic attractions; subscription to the University Star student newspaper; use of the L.B.J. Student Center and Recreational Sports Center, health services, and Sewell Park facilities; and group use of the Wimberley Camp. These fees also help provide funds for the Associated Students (student government), band, choir, dramatics, debate and other student activities.


Tuition for Excessive Undergraduate Hours

Texas Education Code §54.014 specifies a maximum number of semester credit hours an undergraduate student may attempt while paying Texas resident tuition. Students who exceed the maximum hour limitations will be charged the non-resident tuition rate.

Maximum Hour Limitations:

  • First term in Texas public institution prior to fall 1999 - Exempt
  • First term in Texas public institution from fall 1999 to summer 2006 - 45 hours over degree program
  • First term in Texas public institution from fall 2006 to the present date - 30 hours over degree program

Students should meet with their academic advisor regarding their excessive hours status.  Further information regarding the undergraduate excessive hours may be obtained at

Tuition Rebate Program

Under Texas Education Code §54.0065, qualified students will receive up to a $1,000 tuition rebate upon graduation from Texas State. Submit the Tuition Rebate Application to your college academic advising center no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Monday immediately following your commencement. If you do not graduate because you did not meet the graduation requirements, you will need to complete another form for the next semester in which you are eligible. To earn the rebate, it is particularly important to follow the advice and counsel of the academic advisors. The form is located online.

Students must consult with their academic advisor to assure they meet all requirements to qualify for this program.  Further information regarding tuition rebate may be obtained at

Special Fees and Charges

Admission Application Fee (mandatory & non-refundable) $75.00
Admissions Application & Evaluation Fee for International Applicants (mandatory & non-refundable) $90.00
Auditing Fee same as if course were taken for credit
Certificate Fee (payable when applying for teacher certification)
Texas Standard Certificate
Deficiency Plan Fees (for students seeking teacher certification)
First Plan
Additional Plans (each)
Late Payment Fee $65.00
Electronic Course Fee (per semester credit hour) $50.00
Evaluation of Foreign Credentials (for domestic applicants) $15.00
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (for handling & other processing) $30.00
Late Registration Fee
Prior to first day of class
1st 7 class days - fall/spring
1st 2 class days - summer
8th through 12th class day - fall/spring
3rd-4th class days - summer
Off-Campus Course Fee (per semester credit hour) $30.00/semester credit hour
Orientation Fee (mandatory, non-refundable) $60.00
Physical Therapy Application Fee $50.00
Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Intern Application Fee $500.00
Returned Item Fee (for handling and other processing) $30.00
Transcript Fee (official copy) $5.00

Some fees are waived for students taking classes exclusively at the Round Rock Campus.

Campus Parking/Vehicle Registration Fee

Every faculty or staff member, or student, who operates or parks a vehicle on campus must:

  • register the vehicle at Parking Services;
  • purchase a permit;
  • properly display the permit anytime the vehicle is parked on campus; and
  • become familiar with and abide by the traffic and parking rules which are enforced at all times throughout the year.

Fees for vehicle registration will be published each year in the Schedule of Classes and in the official rules and regulations.The purchase of a permit and registration of the vehicle does not guarantee a parking space.

Additional information concerning the purchase and issuance of parking permits may be obtained by contacting Parking Services at 512-245-2887.

Vehicles may be registered online at

Course Repeat Fee

The Texas Legislature eliminated funding to higher education for courses that are attempted three or more times. An attempted course is defined as any course in which a grade is earned on the transcript, including repeated courses and courses dropped with a grade of "W". Refer to Student Business Services website Repeated Courses for more detailed information as well as the appeals process if applicable.

International Student Operations Fee

All international students with an immigration status of “F-1” or “J-1” will be charged $60.00 per semester for the maintenance of records, compliance with government regulations, and other services.

Laboratory Fees

The amount of lab fees varies on a per course basis. See the Schedule of Classes for current lab fees.

Testing Fees

Administration fees will be charged for Proctoring Exam Services for Texas State Students and Non-Texas State students who wish to take a course exam at the Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center (TEMC) in San Marcos, or the Round Rock Campus Testing Center. The charge is $40.00 per test for exams two hours or less. The fee amount will vary with longer time limits. This fee also applies to students who wish take a course exam through the TEMC rather than at the times offered as part of distance education courses. Students who request make-up exams allowed by Texas State faculty will also be charged $40.00 per test for exams two hours or less.

Varying fees will also be charged for:

  • Exams for credit
    • CLEP
    • Departmental
    • ACTFL-OP
  • Placement and college readiness tests
    • Accuplacer/Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA)
    • Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)
  • Upper level barrier exams
    • Puncuation, Usage, and Grammar (PUG)

Visit for specific fees, additional services, and information.

Room and Board Rates

Information regarding room and board rates for a specific semester may be obtained at Room and board is billed on a semester basis and may be paid in full at registration or in installments. All residence halls will be closed between semesters; however, Texas State may choose to keep some of the halls open during the break for an additional room charge.

Refund of Room and Board Fees

Any student who withdraws officially from Texas State may receive a refund on the unused portion of the room and board payment. Room and board charges will continue until the student has officially moved from university housing and has received written clearance from the director of Housing and Residential Life. Any refund due will be applied to any unpaid financial obligation with Texas State. If the refund exceeds any unpaid balance, a refund will be processed within 30 days and deposited to the student's bank account if they have signed up for direct deposit (eRefund) or issued as a check and mailed to the appropriate address on file. Mailing addresses for refunds are selected in the following priority: (1) Mailing (2) Local (3) Permanent. Students may update their addresses as needed on Catsweb.

Student’s Financial Obligations

Students are expected to meet financial obligations to the University when they are due. Tuition is due on the date given in the academic calendar, and students are not entitled to attend classes unless the tuition bill has been paid in full or in accordance with an approved payment plan. Refer to Student Business Services website Payment Options for detailed information on payment options and requirements of payment plans.

Failure to pay the amount owed in the allotted time, or payments made with checks that are returned to Texas State unpaid by the bank may result in any or all of the following:

  1.  Dismissal from the university,
  2. Withholding of future registration privileges,
  3. Withholding of an official transcript,
  4. Withholding the conferring of a degree,
  5. Bar against re-admission for the student,
  6. Warrant hold with the State of Texas,
  7. Referral of debt to a collection agency.

Returned Checks

If a check or EFT is returned unpaid for any reason other than the admitted error of the bank, the student must pay for the returned check with cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Diners Club or American Express) immediately. A $30.00 service fee is assessed for each returned check.  Until the check is paid, the student will be on "Cash Only" status. Cash Only status is a denial of check cashing privileges on campus.

Individuals who have three returned checks or EFT within a 12-month period, will be placed on Cash Only status.

Stopping payment on a check for fees or allowing the check to be returned unpaid by the bank for any reason does not constitute official withdrawal. Failure to follow procedures for withdrawing from Texas State may result in financial penalties and delays with future enrollment at the university.

Installment Policy

Tuition, fees, and room and board may be paid through the following alternatives:

Installment Payments

Students are responsible for making their installment payments by the due date. For questions about due dates and amounts due, contact the Student Business Services Office at 512-245-2544. Students can check their balance and make payments online at

Late Payment Fees

A delinquent charge of $25 will be assessed the first day after the installment due date. Under Texas Education Code §54.007, a student who fails to make full payment of tuition and fees, including any incidental fees, by the due date may be prohibited from registering for classes until full payment is made. A student who fails to make full payment prior to the end of the semester or term may be denied credit for the work done that semester or term. See the Student Financial Obligation section for more details.


Please refer to the Refund Information page of the Students Business Services website for detailed information of the University's refund policy. Please note: Withdrawing and dropping a class are two different actions and are defined below. These actions have separate refund policies.

Withdrawal: Dropping ALL of your classes. You MUST do this through the Office of the University Registrar.

Dropping a class: Removing one or more classes from your schedule, while remaining enrolled in at least one course.


IMPORTANT: Dropping credit hours or withdrawing from the semester may affect your financial aid award. Students receiving financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office before dropping or withdrawing. If you have dropped hours or withdrawn from the University, the term balance may not reflect the necessary adjustments. Please allow a minimum 10 business day waiting period for award adjustments to be processed.

Dropping a course or courses means that there is at least one other course left in the registered schedule for a semester/term.  Refer to the Academic Calendar or the Refund Information page of the Student Business Services website for semester/term specific deadlines for drop refunds.


Withdrawing means a student will no longer be attending any course for the semester/term.  Students must withdraw from ALL courses to be considered as withdrawn for the semester.  Withdrawals are initiated in the Office of the University Registrar. Please refer to the Academic Calendar or Refund Information page of the Student Business Service website for semester/term specific deadlines for withdrawal refunds. Withdrawal Information is available on the Office of the University Registrar website.

*Please note: Summer semester have several different terms within the semester. Please contact our office for specific withdrawal dates for summer. Additionally, during the summer, please allow a minimum of 10 business days waiting period for billing account adjustments to be processed.