Veterans Affairs

J.C. Kellam Building Room 105
Telephone: 512-245-2641

Students attending Texas State (TXST) while receiving educational assistance under one of the public laws for veterans and/or their dependents must contact the TXST Office of Veterans Affairs to complete the required forms.

All students applying for GI Bill® or Hazlewood benefits must provide the documents for their specific benefit type as listed here:

All students must follow their degree requirements in order to receive the maximum benefit payout. Students who are eligible for Hazlewood are subject to Academic Progress for Waivers and Exemptions (APWE) policies. For more information, go to

It is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of Veterans Affairs of any adds, drops, course, or program changes.

Any student enrolling under any military-connected educational benefits should be prepared to cover any expenses that may not be resolved before the bill due date. No benefit pays the university directly for living or meal expenses, which are due prior to the start of each semester. GI Bill® benefit payments are made in arrears.