Minor in Social Impact through Applied Research

The undergraduate minor in Social Impact through Applied Research requires 18 semester credit hours. In this minor students will choose from courses that analyze cultural variation; explore factors that shape borders; investigate economic, political, and social change; develop necessary communication skills; and provide active participation in designing and carrying out applied anthropological research.

Required Courses
ANTH 3366Anthropology in Practice3
Prescribed Electives
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology
Elementary Statistics
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Community Research Project
Internship in Anthropology
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Public Speaking
Communication and Conflict Management
Public Advocacy and Civic Engagement
Writing for Sustainable Change
Technical Writing
Scientific Writing
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
Negotiating the Color Line
Cultural Resource Management and Archaeology
Archaeology of the Southwest
Texas Archaeology
Mexican American Culture
Medical Anthropology
Archaeological Curation and Collections Management
Race and Biological Anthropology
Innovation, the Future & Society
Human Variation and Adaptation
Gender and Sexuality in Cross-cultural Perspective
Anthropology of Peace and Violence
Historical Archaeology
Forensic Anthropology
Diversity and Communication
Rhetoric of Protest Movements
Political Communication
Community and Regional Planning
Political Geography
Race, Class, and the American City
Podcasting History: Making Marginalized Voices Heard
Black Women and Black Protest in America
Ethics and Society
Philosophy, Nonviolence, Sustainability, and Social Change
Biopolitics, Governmentality, and Ungovernability
Introduction to Public and Nonprofit Administration
Political Institutions and Public Service
Public Policy Process
Inclusion and Diversity in Women's Health
Health Disparities
Sociology of Latinos and Immigration
Social Stratification
Social Movements
Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work
Gender, Sex, and Power
Total Hours18