Minor in Medical Humanities

The Medical Humanities minor requires 21 semester credit hours.

Required Courses
ANTH 3311Disease and Society3
or ANTH 3325 Medical Anthropology
or ANTH 3331D Dental Anthropology and Oral Biology
or ANTH 3350 Gender and Sexuality in Cross-cultural Perspective
or ANTH 4309 Culture, Medicine and the Body
GEO 3351Health Geography3
or GEO 3349 World Population
or GEO 3353 American Ethnic Geography
or GEO 4339 Environmental Hazards
HIST 3371BHealth and Illness in American History3
or HIST 4349 History of Drugs
or HIST 3375E History of Women’s Health in the United States
or HIST 4374A History of American Sexualities
or COMM 4326 Health Communication
or COMM 4350 Communication and Coping across the Lifespan
PHIL 4327Bioethics3
REL 3390Religion, Health, and Embodiment 3
PSY 3361Health Psychology3
or PSY 3316 Personality Psychology
or PSY 3322 Brain and Behavior
or PSY 4390N Psychopharmacology
SOCI 3363Medical Sociology: The Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior3
or SOCI 3375L
or SOCI 3383 Aging and Society
or SOCI 3384 The Sociology of Death and Dying
Total Hours21