Minor in Political Communication

This minor is administered by the Department of Communication Studies; please contact the Department of Communication Studies for additional information.

The minor in Political Communication requires 24 semester credit hours, including 12 hours from the Department of Communication Studies and 12 hours from the selected courses from the Department of Political Science..  The minor addresses a variety of theories, principles, and skills related to the political communication process. The minor is designed for students interested in law, politics, public administration, public policy, or other professions related to issues and ideas in a political communication context.

If a student is a Communication Studies major, only the core courses in Communication Studies (COMM 1310, COMM 2315, COMM 2330, COMM 2338, COMM 3301, COMM 3302) may count towards their minor in Political Communication. 

If a student is a Political Science major, no course may count for both their major and minor.

Required Courses6
Public Speaking
Political Communication
Communication Studies
Choose 6 hours from the following:6
Argumentation and Debate
Rhetorical Research Methods
Media Criticism
American Speeches
Rhetoric of Protest Movements
Organizational Rhetoric
Advanced Public Speaking
Communication Internship
Political Science
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Basic Political Institutions
American Political Thought: From the Colonial Period to Civil War
Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (Greeks to 1600)
Modern Political Theory (1600 - 1900)
Contemporary Political Theory
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
The American Founding
Religion and American Public Life
Political Parties and Party Politics
Constitutional Law: Basic Structures and Principles
Constitutional Law: Individual Liberties
State and Local Government
Politics in Film
Legal Theories and Research
Public Policy Process
Latina/o Politics
Campaigns and Elections
American Foreign Policy
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Congress and the Legislative Process
The American Presidency
The Supreme Court and the Judicial Process
Choose 3 hours from the following:3
Islamic Law and Politics
Revolution and Nationalism
Issues in World Politics
Theories of International Politics
Government and Politics of Latin America
Government and Politics of Europe
Government and Politics of Asia
Government and Politics of Russia
African Politics
International Organizations
United States-Latin America Relations
Politics of International Economic Relations
Government and Politics of Europe
Total Hours24