College of Applied Arts

T. Jaime Chahin, Ph.D.
Agriculture Building Room 300
Telephone: 512.245.3333  Fax: 512.245.3338

Associate Dean
Donna Vandiver, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean
Douglas Morrish, Ph.D.

Department Chairs/School Directors
Aerospace Studies–Lt. Col. Jack Blalock, M.S.
Agriculture–Madan M. Dey, Ph.D.
Criminal Justice–Christine S. Sellers, Ph.D.
Family and Consumer Sciences–Andrew O. Behnke, Ph.D.
Military Science–Maj. Michael Ashton, M.S.
Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies–Mary Jo Biggs, Ph.D.
Social Work–Jose E. Coll, Ph.D.

The College of Applied Arts’ mission is to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for careers through programs of high quality in academic, professional, and technical areas; to further faculty excellence in teaching supported by quality scholarship; and to enhance our involvement with local, state, national, and international constituencies.