Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration

Denise T. Smart, Ph.D.
McCoy Hall Room 530
Telephone: 512.245.2311 Fax: 512.245.8375

Associate Dean
William T. Chittenden, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Todd Jewell, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
David Wierschem, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
Kent Hamilton

Department Chairs
Accounting–Ann L. Watkins, Ph.D.
Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods–Ju Long, Ph.D.
Finance and Economics–Ruby Kishan, Ph.D. 
Management–Paula L. Rechner, Ph.D.
Marketing–Raymond P. Fisk, Ph.D.

Named on February 27, 2004 in honor of the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett McCoy, Texas State’s Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration provides broad-based undergraduate and master's-level educational programs that produce graduates with the values, knowledge, and skills to help them excel in a diverse, globally-competitive environment.

The McCoy College of Business Administration is dedicated to developing the knowledge and skills that prepare graduate students to take on key management roles in today's complex and dynamic global business environment. The McCoy College challenges graduate students intellectually, develops their powers of critical thinking, and prepares them for leadership roles in their professional and civic lives.