Department of Accounting

McCoy Hall Room 431
T: 512.245.2566 F: 512.245.7973

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer quality, student-centered accounting programs for graduate students. Our primary goal is to prepare students for professional careers in public accounting, industry, government, nonprofit, and other organizations. We strive to:

  • Deliver graduate programs that prepare students with diverse undergraduate degrees for professional careers in accounting, including eligibility for licensure by State Boards of Public Accountancy.
  • Provide innovative quality instruction and curricula that offer strong conceptual foundations and technical skills in accounting. Our programs emphasize critical thinking, ethical decision-making, technology usage, and communication skills.
  • Engage in intellectual contributions that have impact in the areas of discipline-based scholarship, contributions to practice and learning, and pedagogical research.
  • Provide service to our department, college, university, and other academic organizations. This includes engagement with the accounting profession and accounting student organizations. We also strive to build and maintain professional relationships among students, alumni, the accounting profession, and other stakeholders.

Brown, Laurie Davenport, Lecturer, Accounting, M. Acy., Texas State University

Butler, Janet B, Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., University of Georgia

Campbell, Linda J, Associate Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., Univ of Texas at San Antonio

Cannon, Nathan Hatch, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., Bentley University

Kebodeaux, Charles Keith, Clinical Assistant Professor, Accounting, L.L.M., University of Houston

Martin, Kasey, Associate Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., Univ of Texas at San Antonio

Pizzini, Wilhelmina Joan, Associate Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Proschko, Christopher Ray, Lecturer, Accounting, J.D., Baylor University

Puffer, Thomas Moorman, Professor of Practice, Accounting, M.S., Texas A&M Univ-Commerce

Raiborn, Cecily A, Professor - Endowed Chair, Accounting, Ph.D., Louisiana State Univ A&M College

Rutledge, Robert W, Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., Univ of South Carolina Columbia

Young, Randall Frederick, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., University of North Texas

Young, Glen Michael, Assistant Professor, Accounting, Ph.D., Texas A&M University