Department of Marketing

McCoy Hall Room 424
T: 512.245.7428 F: 512.245.7475

The mission of the Department of Marketing is to educate students to succeed in a dynamic business world. To accomplish this mission, faculty will combine effective teaching with basic, applied, and instructional scholarship with professional service. The faculty will strive for quality in all activities to help prepare students for leadership and service in a diverse, global, and competitive environment.

The Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analysis program readies graduates for positions in marketing that will be involved in creating, analyzing, interpreting, and utilizing data. These positions include marking managers, market research analysts and survey researchers. Typical job titles include Strategic Data Insights Analyst, Senior Director Marketing, Marketing Analytics Manager, Consumer Insights Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst, and Consumer Researcher. 

The mission of the Master of Science in Marketing Research and Analysis program is to better prepare marketing professionals for a marketplace that heavily relies on data and analytics. The program will prepare students to conduct marketing research and utilize marketing analytics, and to interpret the results to inform marketing strategy decisions. Students will learn to design, evaluate, execute and effectively communicate results. Special emphasis will be placed on how to best leverage the vast amounts of data that are being collected about customers, products, and other key elements of the organizational environment to increase competitive advantage as well as productivity and profitability.

Alkire, Linda, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., University of Manchester

Anderson, Sidney Thomas, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Florida State University

Badrinarayanan, Vishag A, Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Becerra, Enrique P, Interim Chair - Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

Fisk, Raymond P, Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Gupta, Aditya, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Penn State University Park

Jillapalli, Ravi Kumar, Lecturer, Marketing, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Moradi, Masoud, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Rayburn, Steven W, Associate Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Sierra, Jeremy J, Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., New Mexico State Univ Main Campus

Suh, Taewon, Associate Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Saint Louis University

Syrdal, Holly Atwood, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington

Turri, Anna M, Associate Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Univ of Arkansas Main Campus

Wilson, Richard Thomas, Associate Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., St Louis Univ Ctrl Off

Zank, Gail Marie, Professor, Marketing, Ph.D., Texas A&M University