College of Education

Michael P. O'Malley, Ed.D.
Education Building Room 2001
Telephone: 512-245-2150  Fax: 512-245-3158

Associate Dean for Research and Sponsored Programs
Jon Lasser, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Teacher Education and Academic Affairs
Patrice H. Werner, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Rubén Garza, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Faculty and Staff Development
Eric A. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Department Chairs
Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology–Kevin A. Fall, Ph.D.
Curriculum and Instruction–Jodi Patrick Holschuh, Ph.D.
Health and Human Performance–Karen S. Meaney, Ed.D.

Office of Educator Preparation

Education Building – Room 2016
T: 512.245.7880 F: 512.245.8345

Teacher preparation was the original mission of Southwest Texas Normal School when it was chartered in 1899, and today faculty members in the College of Education continue to focus their efforts on this primary mission. Over the last century, the mission of the College has expanded from preparing teachers at the undergraduate level to include the preparation of educators at the master’s and doctoral levels as well as the preparation of professionals in other fields including recreation administration, health and wellness promotion, athletic training, health and fitness management, educational leadership, school psychology, professional counseling, student affairs in higher education, adult education and adult and developmental education.