Tuition and Fees

The following are general descriptions of the various tuition and fees charged for registration for academic courses. Refer to for the most current information on the amounts charged for tuition and fees. Texas State reserves the right to change tuition and fees, in keeping with the actions of the Texas Legislature, the Texas State University System Board of Regents, and university administration.


Faculty and staff salary increases, new faculty and staff positions, new academic programs and other strategic initiatives, and financial aid.

Student Service Fee

Activities that involve or directly benefit students that are separate and apart from regularly scheduled academic functions. Includes student government, student cultural activities, artist & lecture series, University Star, KTSW and student programming (such as Career Services and Counseling Center).

Student Center Fee

Operate and maintain Student Center. (Fee is waived for students enrolled exclusively in off-campus courses.)

Bus Fee

Operate shuttle buses. (Fee is waived for students enrolled exclusively in off-campus courses.)

Computer Services Fee

Classroom technology, academic computer labs, and campus connectivity.

Student Publications Fee

Pays for administrative publications. (Does not pay for The University Star or the Pedagog yearbook.)

Recreational Sports Fee

Operate and maintain Rec Sports Center and Campus Rec operations. (Fee is waived for students enrolled exclusively in off-campus programs.)

ID Card Services Fee

Supports the operation of the Bobcat Card and the Texas State University One Card System which provides access, identification, and debit card functionality.

International Education Fee

Scholarships for students studying abroad

Medical Service Fee

Basic operations of the Student Health Center. (Fee is waived for students enrolled exclusively in off-campus programs.)

Off-Campus Fee

All students enrolled in classes held at off campus locations are required to pay $30 per hour that will help defray the cost of services provided at these locations.

Note: For students enrolled in both on-and off-campus courses, the off-campus fee is in addition to all other fees.

Electronic Course Fees

An electronic course fee of $50 per hour will be charged for courses taught via the internet or hybrid instructional method.  Same as off-campus, fees may be waived if enrolled exclusively in electronic course and/or off campus courses.

McCoy Graduate Program Fee:  

A fee of $150 per credit hour enrolled will be charged to students admitted to the McCoy College of Business Administration graduate degree programs. The McCoy Graduate Program fee funds a variety of initiatives to enhance the graduate student educational experience, including a career support professional to work directly with master’s students, scholarships for study abroad experiences, graduate research assistant positions, professional development events for students, including the McCoy Graduate Boot Camp twice each year, and field projects with area businesses.

Special Fees and Charges

Admission Application Fee (mandatory & non-refundable) $75.00
Admissions Application & Evaluation Fee for International Applicants (mandatory & non-refundable) $90.00
Athletic Training Fee (to sophomores who have earned competitive admission to the undergraduate athletic training education program) $100.00
Auditing Fee same as if course were taken for credit
Certificate Fee (payable when applying for teacher certification)
Texas Standard Certificate
Deficiency Plan Fees (for students seeking teacher certification)
First Plan
Additional Plans (each)
Late Payment Fee $65.00
Electronic Course Fee (per semester credit hour) $50.00
Evaluation of Foreign Credentials (for domestic applicants) $15.00
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (for handling & other processing) $30.00
Late Registration Fee
Prior to first day of class
1st 7 class days - fall/spring
1st 2 class days - summer
8th-12th class day - fall/spring
3rd-4th class days - summer
Off-Campus Course Fee (per semester credit hour) $30.00/semester credit
Orientation Fee (mandatory, non-refundable) $60.00
Physical Therapy Application Fee $50.00
Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Intern Application Fee $500.00
Returned Item Fee (for handling and other processing) $30.00
Transcript Fee (official copy) $5.00

Some fees are waived for students taking classes exclusively in Round Rock.

Laundry Service Fees for Physical Education Uniforms

Laundry Service Fees

For individuals who wish to use the university physical education uniforms, fees are as follows:

  • Student $7.00 per summer term
  • Faculty/Staff $50.00 per twelve months