Graduate Majors

The table below lists all graduate majors and degrees as they would appear on a diploma and transcript. Please note that a number of these programs have additional emphases, specializations, or concentrations available.

Major Degree Thesis Program Hours
Accounting M.Acy. None 33
Accounting (5-year Integrated) B.B.A./M.Acy. None 150
Accounting and Information Technology M.S. None 36
Adult Education M.A. Optional 39-42
Adult, Professional and Community Education Ph.D. Dissertation 63
Advanced Practice Leadership M.S.W. None 36-62
Agricultural Education M.Ed. Optional 36
Anthropology M.A. Required 36
Applied Mathematics M.S. Required 30
Applied Philosophy and Ethics M.A. Optional 30-33
Applied Sociology M.S. None 37
Aquatic Resources M.S. Required 31
Aquatic Resources Ph.D. Dissertation 60-90
Athletic Training M.S. Optional 34-37
Biochemistry M.S. Required 30
Biology M.A. Required 30
Biology M.S. Optional 30-45
Business Administration M.B.A. Optional 42-45
Chemistry M.A. None 30
Chemistry M.S. Required 30
Communication Design M.F.A. Required 60
Communication Disorders M.A. Required 39
Communication Disorders M.S.C.D. None 36
Communication Studies M.A. Optional 30-36
Computer Science M.A. Optional 30-36
Computer Science M.S. Optional 30-36
Computer Science Ph.D. Dissertation 54
Creative Writing M.F.A. Required 48
Criminal Justice M.S.C.J. Optional 36
Criminal Justice Ph.D. Dissertation 51
Dementia and Aging Studies M.S. Optional 33
Developmental Education M.A. Optional 36
Developmental Education Ed.D. Dissertation 66
Developmental Education Ph.D. Dissertation 66
Educational Leadership M.A. None 36
Educational Leadership M.Ed. None 36
Educational Technology M.Ed. None 39
Elementary Education M.A. Required 30-36
Elementary Education M.Ed. None 36
Elementary Education-Bilingual/Bicultural M.A. Required 30
Elementary Education-Bilingual/Bicultural M.Ed. None 36
Engineering M.S. Optional 34
Exercise Science M.S. Optional 36
Family and Child Studies M.S. Optional 37
Family Nurse Practitioner M.S.N. None 48
Geographic Education Ph.D. Dissertation 46
Geographic Information Science Ph.D. Dissertation 46
Geographic Information Science M.A.Geo. None 33
Geography M.A.Geo. None 33
Geography M.S. Required 30
Geography Ph.D. Dissertation 46
Geography Resource and Environmental Studies M.A.Geo. None 33
Healthcare Administration M.H.A. Optional 49
Health Education M.Ed. Optional 36
Health Information Management M.H.I.M. Optional 36
History M.A. Optional 33-39
History M.Ed. None 36
Human Nutrition M.S. Optional 33-39
Human Resource Management M.S. None 30
Interdisciplinary Studies M.A.I.S. Optional 39
Interdisciplinary Studies M.S.I.S. Optional 39
International Studies M.A. Optional 30-36
Legal Studies M.A. None 36
Literature M.A. Optional 30-36
Management of Technical Education M.Ed. None 36
Mass Communication M.A. Optional 33-36
Materials Physics M.S. Required 35
Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization Ph.D. Dissertation 55
Mathematics M.S. Optional 30-36
Mathematics M.Ed. None 36
Mathematics Education Ph.D. Dissertation 78
Merchandising and Consumer Studies M.S. Optional 36-39
Middle School Mathematics Teaching M.Ed. None 36
Music M.M. Optional 36
Music Education M.M. None 36
Physical Education M.Ed. Optional 30-36
Physical Therapy D.P.T. None 99
Physics M.S. Optional 30-36
Political Science M.A. Optional 33-36
Population and Conservation Biology M.S. Required 30
Professional Counseling M.A. Optional 55-67
Psychological Research M.A. Optional 38
Public Administration M.P.A. None 39
Reading Education M.Ed. None 36
Recreation Management M.S.R.L.S. Optional 30-36
Respiratory Care M.S.R.C. None 36
Rhetoric and Composition M.A. Optional 33
School Improvement Ph.D. Dissertation 63
School Psychology S.S.P. None 69
Secondary Education M.A. Required 30
Secondary Education M.Ed. None 36-39
Sociology M.A. Optional 37
Social Work (see Advanced Practice Leadership)
Software Engineering M.S. Optional 30-36
Spanish M.A. Optional 33-36
Special Education M.Ed. None 36
Student Affairs in Higher Education M.Ed. None 45
Sustainability Studies M.A. Optional 36-38
Sustainability Studies M.S. Optional 36-38
Technical Communication M.A. Optional 30
Technology Management M.S. Optional 36
Theatre M.A. Optional 30-39
Theatre M.F.A. None 60
Therapeutic Recreation M.S.R.L.S. Optional 30-36
Wildlife Ecology M.S. Required 30-31

Note: Program hours depend on degree options selected. Consult the program page inside this catalog for more detailed information or contact the program's graduate advisor.

Certificate and degree programs are approved in accordance with guidelines provided by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas State University System Board of Regents.