Graduate Minors

Minor hours required are in addition to the hours required for the student's chosen major. If you select a minor that has more hours than your degree plan requires, your total degree hours will increase by the number of excess hours in the minor. If you select a minor with fewer hours your degree plan requires, you must still meet the minimum hours required toward the degree. To change your minor please complete the change of minor/concentration form

Click the name of the minor to find the course requirements and other requirements that may apply such as admission, GPA, etc.

Minor Hours Required
Adult Education 12
Anthropology 9
Aquatic Resources 6
Biochemistry 9
Biology 15
Chemistry 6
Communication Studies 12
Computer Science 6-9
Creativity Studies in Education 6-12
Criminal Justice 9
Developmental Education 9
Diversity Studies 9
Educational Leadership 12
Elementary Education 12
Elementary Education Bilingual/Bicultural 9
Exercise Science 12
Geography 9
Gifted and Talented Education 15
Healthcare Administration 15
History 12
Industrial Technology 15
Legal Studies 9-12
Literature 6
Materials Physics 9
Mathematics 15
Methods and Materials 6-15
Music 12
Music Education 12
Philosophy 6
Political Science 9
Psychology 12
Public Health Education and Promotion 15
Reading Education 12
Recreation and Leisure Services 12
Secondary Education 15
Sociology 9
Software Engineering 6-9
Spanish 6
Special Education 15
Theatre 6
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 9-15